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Top Tips for the Perfect Bathroom - Five Tips for improving your bathroom at home

Top Tips for the Perfect Bathroom - Five Tips for improving your bathroom at home

  2011-05-12         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

At times in the morning what can be more frustrating than your commute to work is getting ready to go to work and getting the kids ready for school!

By the time you get around to having a wash the place probably looks as if dynamite exploded there – yet you don't have time to make it look respectable because it's likely you will miss your train to work!

Although we can’t offer a solution to keeping your bathroom clean - other than getting everyone to clean up after themselves - we can offer some great tips on how to make your bathroom look a pleasant and inviting room to all guests and family members in your household.

  1. The Bathroom Lighting – Especially now that the summer is here, you should try your best to let in as much natural light in to your bathroom as possible. Not only does it look great, but it can save you money on your bills if you do not have to constantly flick the light switch every time you enter the bathroom. Also, look into having big double glazed windows installed (If possible) and make sure the blinds are always drawn back (making sure you have frosted glass installed first!). For the evening, it is also important to get the right bathroom lights installed in your bathroom. One of the best ways to mimic natural daylight is to take out the central light fitting and replace it with halogen spot bathroom lights. Other great lighting options are mirror lights and spotlights.
  2. The Bathroom Flooring – Obviously the bathroom can be a dangerous place at times, and it is necessary to take all precautionary measures where possible. One cheap and easy way to stop yourself from slipping and falling in the shower is to get a mat for the bathroom. Other ways include underfloor heating, which is an economical way to heat up your bathroom, and it’s great for drying the floor when it is wet. This heating works great with wooden, laminate and concrete flooring.
  3. Select a focal point – This step here is to give your bathroom a bit of character and impress any guests who use your bathroom. This can be anything in your bathroom that you are willing to invest a little more money, and it can be anything, such as your sink, bath tub, a mirror, a shower head... it’s up to you really.
  4. The Bathroom Tiling – This is only a personal opinion, but I think most of you would agree that tiled walls in a bathroom looks a great deal better than any other form of wall decoration. Firstly they are easy to maintain and keep clean, they are a cost effective choice and they are very durable and easy to repair.
  5. The Bathroom Storage – Finally, the last thing to remember is to make your bathroom as spacious as possible, especially if you have a small bathroom, as you do not want to feel cramped and stressed out in it. This will include all items you would typically use, such as your toothbrush, towels, cosmetic products, etc. Look for all possible places to store such items, and if you feel like you're struggling with this, then do some research in to an alternative design you could implement to help free up some space.
This is a brilliant article with some Top Tips for the Perfect Bathroom - at least Five Tips for improving the bathroom at home.