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trusting the online stores and making sure the ordered items are in stock!

trusting the online stores and making sure the ordered items are in stock!

  2011-12-06         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » SEO updates

On our website we have many regular customers, especially the electricians, specifiers, builders, and contractors that are now used to ordering electrical items online.

Actually, when people hear "online store" they don't even think that there's such a thing as an "electrical items online store"! It's not so commonly known that you can purchase online items like Lights, Fire Alarms, Heating Systems, or even Time Lag Switches.

That's the reason for which we receive many calls every day from people trying to find out more on "how the system works" - even though this information is clearly posted and outlined on our website.

When will the items I'm about to order be shipped? How much is the carriage charge if I buy one or 10 of this particular device? Are these flat plate switches with black insert in stock? - and many similar questions we daily answer over the phone...

Online Ordering is Safe at Sparks!

On our website we do our best to be open about everything - our policy, the returns conditions, the shipping charges, the faulty fittings, the unwanted items, the shipping charge, etc.

Due to so many other things going on online though - from the email fraud to the bogus online stores and online scams - even with a solid policy, contact details, pictures with where we are located, people still want to "hear our voice" and make sure that the items are in stock, the people they order from "exist" and are serious about it, etc.

It looks like we all need to be educated about the online stores, the online payments, and the new technologies online! Just as we are all learning about the new social networking websites like Google+, twitter, and Facebook, so we are learning to trust the online stores, the policies posted on the websites, and the contact details.

One more interesting thing: many times people / companies respond quicker to a tweet directed at them or a facebook comment / email than the phone call! 

Contact us either by phone - see our contact page - or via Twitter and Facebook.

We are doing our best to be online wherever our customers are, and to serve them the best information about the products and services we can offer both online and in store.