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Ventilate Properly in The Home Because the Air Your Breathe Matters!

Ventilate Properly in The Home Because the Air Your Breathe Matters!

  2012-09-05         sparksdirect         Advice » Ventilation Advice

Some people are OK with a random not-so-good-yet-functioning air extractor fan, while others "don't care about brand but want a good ventilation at home".

But we all need to know that the effect of not having a good quality air in the home is dramatic.

Most people spend 90% of their time indoors and many times 70% of this time is in our own home!

If we have a clean air, a ventilated air, even a purified air at home, we have a chance at living longer and at not being affected in our health. The indoor living environment is crucial to the health of the occupants.

What Air do we have In our Home?

It is a proven fact that half of all illnesses are either caused or aggravated by poor indoor ventilation. In conclusion, what kind of air do we have in our home?

Of course, we don't see with our eyes what's in the air we breathe, but there lots of stuff in there! Besides to the general moisture build-up in the home (created from washing, bathing, cooking, breathing, being there), a large compound of many other pollutants and contaminants is present in the indoor air both at work and at home.

Here are some of the things we may daily breathe in:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) created from the use of aerosols and formaldehyde's found in furniture and carpets
  • CO, Carbon monoxide, from smoking and combustion appliances
  • Odours from cooking and pets
  • Humidity and vapors created from cooking, showering, washing and ironing, all these amounting to 16 pints a day in an average family home
  • Allergens from house dust mites
  • Mould spores found in household dust
  • Carbon dioxide from household appliances and people
Without any intention to scare you or myself, it's pretty nasty. What's the solution  for all these pollutants in the air? Is there a way to actually live in your own home without being negatively affected by the air in home?

Solution: Correct and Proper Ventilation!

The solution to all these problems is simply to ventilate properly and correctly! In other words, you need to calculate what kind of volume of air your room has and you need to get an air ventilation fan that will insure at least 3-4 changes of air per day in the room.

One of the most recommended ranges of energy saving and low cost air extractor fans is the EnviroVent ENV range.

Recently we added the ENV1T12V 100mm low voltage centrifugal fan with timer, ideal for kitchen.

Note: this fan is no longer available on our website; here is the Envirovent range of fans.

With a quiet operation (you can barely hear it) and with a full IPX4 rating, this fan also comes with a timer module incorporated.

Excellent for domestic use and with automatic backdraught shutters, this fan meets all the building requirements! Note: the above info is inspired from EnviroVent's own documentation on ventilation.