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Ventilation with Heat Recovery - video guide to DuplexVent from Airflow, fresh and clean air!

  2011-02-02         admin         Advice » Ventilation Advice
The DuplexVent Whole House Ventilation System with heat recovery helps creating a healthier environment. You can read more about this system from Airflow via this Scribd doc: Airflow Duplex Vent Green Brochure – Ventilation with Heat Recovery. Below is the official Airflow presentation and scenarios for the Duplexvent Whole House Ventilation system with heat recovery(view this video online via our channel on youtube).
The Ventilation with Heat Recovery system from Airflow - the DuplexVent - provides fresh, clean, warm air, and it is energy saving too!

Examples of the Duplexvent system locations - whole house ventilation system

  • Duplexvent System Location 1 - fresh and clean air in the kitchen # The Duplexvent can be installed in one of the kitchen cupboards and have the pipes connected just above the cupboard. In this way, as illustrated in the presentation above, you can have fresh clean air in the kitchen! # The Airflow Duplexvent system devices can be installed on the corridor(for example, above the ceiling), with a system of pipes for the air to be extracted / circulated / pumped. # As the Airflow Duplexvent System is connected to every room, fresh and clean air can be dispensed into the living room, the study room, the bedroom, and even in the shower and the bathroom.
  • Duplexvent System Location 2 - Fresh and clean air in the bathroom # The Duplexvent unit can be installed / sited in the bathroom, in a cupboard, protected from the splashing of the water; # The pipes can be connected and directed above the ceiling to reach out to all the rooms in the house.
  • Duplexvent System Location 3 - Fresh and clean air in the hallway # The Duplexvent unit can be installed or sited just above the ceiling in a concealed box that hides it or covers it from view; # The connecting pipes and the Duplexvent system from Airflow can be extended and directed / installed towards every room of the house for the providing of fresh air. # Have fresh and clean air in the bathroom, in the living room, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, and in any other room in the house with the Duplexvent Heat Recovery Solution from Airflow.
Due to the flexible way of installing and connecting the pipes to the Duplexvent Unit, you can site it / position it in different ways / directions in the hallway, in the bathroom, or in the kitchen - either above the ceiling or ceiling-mounted, wall mounted, inside a cupboard, etc. Extremely flexible - ideal for both large or smaller homes and apartments. For more details about this heat recovery whole house ventilation system, do not hesitate to contact us.

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