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Video guide to green-i dimmer switches: the PIR dimmer features/operation and the CP Electronics green-i range

  2010-11-25         admin         Advice » Installation Guides
Continuing the series of short video guides to the CP Electronics Green-I range of switches and dimmers, after the fascias and the security mode, the programmable scenes and the ceiling PIR, view below more about:

Green-I Video Guide - The Green-I Dimmers and the Dimmer PIR switches features and operation

  • Digital Dimmer # A short press of the top button turns the light on, a long press of the top button dims the light progressively. # A long press of the bottom button dims the light down progressively, while a short press of the bottom button turns the light off.
  • Movement sensor # After sensing no movement, the lights automatically switch off. Optional automatic switch on when occupancy is detected.
  • Remote control # The switch can be operated via a remote control handset - to turn on and off, dim up and down, set scenes and access the switch functions.
  • Stylish green LED ring # This green LED ring helps to locate the switch in the dark and the brightness of the soft green glow can be set to suit your room.

The Green-i energy saving dimmers and switches product range from CP Electronics

Change the traditional style switch or dimmer with a more contemporary device - the green-i range of switches and dimmers! The Green-I range from CP Electronics includes:
  • green-i dimmers,
  • green-i time lag switches,
  • green-i dimmer with PIR,
  • green-i PIR switch,
  • green-i dimmer with PIR dual gang,
  • green-i dimmer dual gang.
Buy online the Green-i range of dimmers and time lag switches via the Energy Management section - Time Lag Switches. Read more about the Green-I range of energy saving dimmers and time lag switches on the blog: