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Video - Installing a Hager Flush Consumer Unit in Studwall Partition, Installation Guide

  2010-03-25         admin         Advice » Installation Guides
With Hager's permission, we recently uploaded a series of videos on our youtube account with different tips on installing the Hager Consumer Units - especially the Domestic Consumer Units from Hager. You can read more about these fittings via the Consumer Units section of articles. The video below explains step by step how would a qualified electrician install a Hager Flush Consumer Unit in a studwall partition.

Hager Flush Consumer Unit - Studwall Partition Installation Guide

Here is a list of what actions are being described in the video presentation above - installing a Hager Flush Consumer Unit:

  • Select the cable entry option required;
  • Feed in the cables;
  • The units unique FastFit feature allows fixing to a stud wall without the need for fixings;
  • Screw in the consumer unit to the stud wall and make sure it is solidly fixed to the wall;
  • The integrated spirit level makes fixing easy - make sure the consumer unit is according to the level;
  • To fit a MCB, ensure the terminal cage is fully open, pull the clip all the way out;
  • The MCB fits into the unit easily and click din clip into place;
  • After fitting the MCB breakers, make sure they are fixed into the consumer unit by screwing them in;
  • After all this, put on the cover - the cover fits easily with quarter turn fixing;
  • Gently screw the plastic screws of the cover in for fixing.
Remember: more videos about the Hager Consumer Units - via our Youtube Channel.