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Video - Installing a Hager Surface Consumer Unit, Hager Installation Guide

  2010-03-26         admin         Advice » Installation Guides
After introducing the simplest and easiest way to install a Hager Flush Consumer Unit into a studwall partition, here is another video that presents how to install a Hager Surface Consumer unit. Produced by Hager, this video is a simple demonstration in simple steps of a Hager surface consumer unit installation guide. Below, you can see the steps laid out, as presented in the video.

Hager Surface Consumer Unit Installation Guide

Here are the steps presented in this video - how to install a Hager Surface CU

  • The Hager Surface Consumer Unit is provided with a large rear cut-out area to suit all applications;
  • Cut the tabs to the required size, for a good fixing in the wall(you can use a regular cutter for this);
  • There is a wide choice of fixing holes;
  • Fixing point tabs allows you for fitting the Consumer Unit on an uneven surface;
  • The integrated spirit level makes fixing easy;
  • After positioning the Surface Consumer Unit, you can fix it by screwing it in;
  • The top section of the unit is removable;
  • Select the breakouts that need to be removed; remove the breakouts with pliers;
  • Sealing strips are provided to seal the top to IP4X; place the sealing strips into the unit;
  • Clip the top back into place; the devices are secured to a full DIN rail;
  • Split load and configurable units are available;
  • The configurable units are supplied with a length of busbar;
  • Select the length required and snap with pliers;
  • To fit a MCB, ensure the terminal cage is fully open;
  • Pull the clip all the way out; the MCB fits into the unit easily, and clicks clip into place;
  • The cover fits easily with quarter turn fixing;
  • The cover can be fitted with a lock.
Most of the Domestic Consumer Units manufactured by Hager and found on our website are Surface Consumer Units. The guide above is an excellent aid for understanding the way you install the surface consumer units. Remember: more videos about the Hager Consumer Units – via our Youtube Channel.