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Video - short Domestic Consumer Unit guide to the 17th regulations

  2010-03-31         admin         Advice » Installation Guides
We have previously posted the Hager guide to the 17th edition - The Consumer Unit Guide to the 17th edition wiring regulations and the Consumer Unit Arrangements - and now here's a short video explaining the main things one needs to care for when wiring the different accessories in the home environment. There are mainly three categories of persons who can do this: A skilled person(a certified electrician), an instructed person(who can also work with the equipment), and the ordinary person(someone who lives in the household). It is recommended that most of the electrical installations in the house be done by certified electricians, who know the latest rules and regulations, especially the 17th edition wiring regulations.

A Consumer Unit video guide to the 17th edition from Hager

Here are the main points talked about in this video:

  • Fitting the socket outlets into the wall # A little chat about the RCD protection in the house;
  • Fitting the Cables buried in the walls # The new regulation brought by the 17th edition to the protection of the cables buried in the wall;
  • Fitting the switches for the lighting circuits;
  • Fitting in special locations, in the bath and shower rooms # There are some changes/improvements in the protection of the electrical circuits installed in the bathrooms;
  • Other considerations: fire detection systems # There are two options available for the installation of the Fire Detection systems(according to the new regulations, the 17th edition)
  • The final circuit configuration and the consumer unit # There are 2 main RCDs and, as you listen to this short guide, you need to know the regulations before installing the consumer units. # Clearly, what the 17th edition brings to the table is the increased usage of the RCDs - they can be installed as specified in this guide, but there are also other ways.
Consult the fully Hager Consumer Unit Guide to the 17th Edition - part 1 and part 2(with the CU arrangements). On our website, you can find the 17th Edition Consumer Units via the Hager Domestic Consumer Units. The guide above is an excellent aid for understanding the way the new 17th edition regs apply to the wiring accessories installation in the domestic environments. Remember: more videos about the Hager Consumer Units – via our Youtube Channel.