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Vintage Lamps for Stylish Lighting vs using Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Vintage Lamps for Stylish Lighting vs using Energy Saving Light Bulbs

  2015-03-25         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

We were reading the LuxReview article on, "I love candles as much as the next guy, but..." in which the writer was slamming the vintage lamps - as much as he loves vintage things, wasting energy is not a reason to do so.

And you know what, he seems to be right: why waste so much energy, using kWs instead of Ws of electricity when you can use LED lamps or other energy-saving lamps?

When looking at this one needs to consider a few criterias, such as, How does this light bulb look like?

What is the lighting atmosphere and design this lamp creates? What is the energy consumption? What is the lamp life?

And, above all, How does this fitting looks like when it's on and it uses this vintage light bulb? Let's explore this a bit further and see what is the solution...

The Return of Vintage Lamps and Vintage Light Bulbs

Nobody knows for sure why but the vintage light bulbs and the vintage light fittings are back in fashion. Just as some people prefer the newer and brighter LED lamps, so some prefer to have a vintage light fitting or they change the light bulb to a vintage one.

Admittedly, the vintage light bulb is not as bright as the cool white or warm white LED light, but it looks so much cooler!

So if you're in a restaurant, a pub, a more traditional eating place, etc, the best way to shed some light around the tables and couches is really to use these vintage lamps.

Some of them may come as a squirrel cage light bulb, others come with a single coil filament or with a twisted filament - all giving some vintage yet cool light. With a wattage between 40W and 100W (if you can still find the 100W), these vintage light bulbs also come in all the popular lamp caps such as GLS ES/E27 (Edison screw) and BC/B22 (bayonet cap).

And if you like pendant lights or outdoor wall/ceiling lights with a vintage light bulb, you can easily change it. Of course, some vintage pendant lights cost more than the regular ones, but the atmosphere it creates is just amazing.

Vintage Lamps vs Using Energy-Saving Lamps

Vintage Lamps for Stylish Lighting vs using Energy Saving Light Bulbs

So which is better: using energy-saving lamps (such as the LEDs) or using vintage light bulbs and lamps?

It all depends on what you need, what you can afford, and what you want to achieve. For example, if you are cost conscious, you definitely need to invest into LED lamps: they insure you have a long life lamp, a bright light beam, and helps you save energy.

But if you care more for the light style, the lighting design, and you want to create a certain atmosphere, you could consider the 40W or 60W twisted filament or squirrel cage light bulbs - the vintage style lamps - or you can check out the Vintage Ceiling Lights and the Outdoor Vintage Wall or Ceiling Lights.

Admittedly, they may "waste energy", but if you care more for the atmosphere and lighting effect, go for it.

We're looking forward to the time when the vintage lamps are also energy-saving, but until then we need to work with and use what we have.

Not all of us are tree-huggers or "save the planet" fans - even though we very much consider the environment and seek not to waste energy and time - and especially the commercial, hospitality, and retail companies and properties look really good with these vintage lamps!