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We visited Lux Live 2017, so here are some Interesting LED Lights and Technologies

We visited Lux Live 2017, so here are some Interesting LED Lights and Technologies

  2017-11-28         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » Sparks Updates

Last week we went to the annual Lux Live, Lux Live 2017, one of the greatest lighting shows in Europe. We only had a few hours on the first day to check it out, so we didn't attend seminars and speeches, but the place was pretty packed and there was a lot of good vibe all around.

We saw some really interesting LED lights and LED lighting technologies, and we also saw quite a few Chinese manufacturers bringing their LED lights to the European market.

As they say on their website, lighting is changing, and there are smarter and better luminaires. What seemed to be a "fad" a few years ago with LEDs, now it has developed to become one of the biggest lighting revolutions ever.

From the Gooee IoT arena to the LIA live and the escape zone, from exhibitors to hundreds of free talks (when you're tired of walking and talking), from the lightspace arena to the LIA lighting academy, and from Li-fi experience to the smart spaces conference, we loved this years Lux Live!

We didn't take too many pictures, and we can't talk about every company we met, so here we'll list some of our friends and suppliers that we got to talk to and see their newest stuff.

Astro Lighting - LED lights and even some Track Lights

They came out with their new catalogue fresh off the press at this lighting show, and they displayed their lights in a very simple design.

It was an honor to meet James Bassant, the design director and one of the founders of Astro Lighting, and have a chat concerning some of their newest additions (like the new track lights and spotlights).

Loved the simple and not-so-packed arrangement of their LED wall lights, ceiling lights, and exterior lamps; they really give you an impression of their excellent design.

Buy Astro Tracks and Spots

Rako Controls - All NEW Wireless Modules

If you're looking for mood lighting and ambience lighting and you're not ready to break the bank with more expensive solutions like Lutron, Rako Controls is what you need.

At LuxLive they brought in their all new wireless modules, and they had a great display of the DMX, constant current LED modules, silent transistor dimmers, curtain and blinds, constant voltage LEDs, inductive dimmers, DALI control, 1-10V and DSI, and switched loads modules.

Also, they have a new NFC product range, with the wired functionality from a wireless keypad, and they connect to any conventional switch.

B.E.G. - the Lighting Control Professionals

We visited BEG only in passing, and we admired their PIR detectors and their new PureColour detector for wellbeing with color control (controlling the light color in a LED bulkhead). German quality!

Horton Lighting

Many of our ballasts and fluorescent trays are from Horton Lighting, and they continue to bring in some of the best and most popular such items in the market, be it from Tridonic, LEDVANCE, Philips, VS Lighting solutions, or LitePlan.

V-TAC - Innovative LED Lighting

Good quality LED light bulbs and LED fittings at a cost that's lower than most others, the V-TAC innovative LED lighting have both LED lamps and incorporated LED fittings.

They now came out with some IP65 rated exterior and interior LED wall lights, and soon they will bring out the V-TAC pro 180lm/W super efficient LED lights and LED fittings.

Hamilton Litestat - Switching and Dimming LED lights

If you want more complex systems for both lighting and smart home control, you have to see what Hamilton has to offer.

We distribute some of their more popular switches, sockets, dimmers, and other wiring accessories in finishes such as white plastic and transparent. It was great to see them and to realize how many more ranges they have and are considering to bring in.

Integral LED - LED Lamps and LED Fittings

Definitely a great chat with the good people at Integral LED, where we saw some really interesting developments in the fire rated IP65 rated downlights (their Lux fire range).

Dimmable, fire rated, and IP65 rated - what else do you need? Plus, they came out with a LED panel - back-lit technology with market leading efficiency, up to 90% more efficient than popular edge-lit panels (in their own words).

And their EvoFire range simply blew our mind away: reducing a downlight to a simple structure where you put the LED lamp: a canless design with a low profile body that is lightweight.

Integral LED Lights at Sparks

ALL LED - LED Marker Lights and LED Strips

Located next to their friends at Aurora, ALL LED displayed some really neat paintable LED marker lights (you can design them with your own design or colour, as needed), which are also dimmable.

Their 1W range of micro-marker and mini-markers are like no other, and they come in warm white, cool white, or blue. Plus, there's quite a few inground - driveover LED marker lights, and some low level LED accent lighting.

And the LED strip lights with different wattage per meter, plus RGB, RGBW, and wi-fi controls.

Aurora Lighting - Smart, Fire Rated, and LED Lights

They are well-established in the lighting market, and their ranges are both popular and recognizable. Aurora Lighting provides a wide range of residential and commercial LED lights and LED lighting systems, including solutions for smart lighting spaces and smart home devices.

They do both indoor and outdoor LED lights, with different IP rating.

Crompton Lamps with Phoebe LED and FireSafe

Here's an example of a company who knows what to do when LEDs are everywhere: Crompton Lamps, who via their Phoebe LED (Phoebe, the goddess of light) division, provide a wide range of LED downlights that are both dimmable and fire rated, offering a tri-colour select of 3000K, 4000K, or 6500K.

And with their Spectrum range they have a 10W color-changing downlight tunable white, with a RGB colour changin rim, controllable via a Bluetooth app.

Gimmicky? Probably, but there's a chance that some office buildings or conference rooms may opt for different light settings as different occasions and meetings come up.

Illuma Lighting - LED Track Spotlights

Going bigger and more professional with great performance, Illuma Lighting are definitely one of the leaders in the UK lighting industry in terms of LED track lighting - both 1-circuit and 3-circuit.

And every year they bring in not only a new catalog with more wall LED lights, ceiling LED lamps and track spotlights, but different and better LED track spot lights to meet both the residential and commercial lighting needs.

And they have some really lovely wall washers which can be re-oriented as needed - for indoor wall lighting.

Buy Illuma Lighting at Sparks

Wago - Connectors and Connections

Everybody knows and loves the WAGO solutions, and on our website we have a dedicated section to their versatile and popular products.

Block systems, connectors, PCB terminal blocks, rail mounted terminal blocks, and many other connectors - the electricians love them, and we as wholesalers love to provide them.

Great to see them at Lux Live 2017! As we were saying at the beginning of this article, there were many more other exhibitors and cool products, innovations, talks, and seminars, and we only had a few hours to quickly visit some of them.

Loved the show this year, looking forward to the Lux Live 2018!

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