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Westinghouse Fans bring in Resurgence of the Eco-Friendly Ceiling Fans

Westinghouse Fans bring in Resurgence of the Eco-Friendly Ceiling Fans

  2019-05-17         sparksdirect

You can never be certain with the British weather, but summer should be on its way soon. As this time of year approaches, Sparks will take a look at an often overlooked cooling solution: the ceiling fans.

The ceiling fan has been considered as ‘old-fashioned’ by some, who would prefer a more contemporary-looking cooling system. However, there is now a wide range of ceiling fans that have been modernised for today’s eco-conscious world.

They offer both stylish, traditional flair alongside the capabilities of other modern cooling solutions, such as portable coolers.

This new wave of ceiling fans includes excellent features such as LED light compatibility, remote controls and reversible switches for different seasons.

The resurgence of the eco-friendly ceiling fan

Westinghouse Fans bring in Resurgence of the Eco-Friendly Ceiling Fans - see the Portland Ambience ceiling fan

In the past, ceiling fans have been ‘blacklisted’ by designers for being noisy, tacky and outdated. Considering the fact the first ceiling fan was invented in 1882, this was hardly an outrageous observation.

This meant they were often the first thing to go in home renovations and a cause for debate.

There is no question they offer vintage style, however, divided households argued that improved circulation from modern cooling systems was more important.

There is no longer any need for this debate. In fact, ceiling fans are sleeker, smarter and quieter than ever before.

Amanda Carol, an interior designer from San Francisco, says designers will probably ditch their anti-ceiling fan stance now that the industry is offering more attractive, high-tech options. She stated that:

Until recently, they’ve been these wimpy, wobbly eyesores.
This is definitely no longer the case, as we will demonstrate in this article.

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The Portland Ambiance: A prime example of the ‘new wave’ of attractive ceiling fans

Westinghouse Fans bring in Resurgence of the Eco-Friendly Ceiling Fans - see the Portland Ambience ceiling fan

Westinghouse has come out with a range of contemporary ceiling fans that define simplicity and style. They use neutral colours and straightforward designs which allow them to complement any room with great aplomb.

The Portland Ambiance ceiling fan has reversible white and black blades with a chrome fan finish. Each blade can be flipped over to show the colour of your choice.

This demonstrates the great adaptability offered by Westinghouse ceiling fans. The light is also LED compatible, so you can make it eco-efficient by choosing energy saving LED lamp options.

The Portland Ambiance also comes with a pull chain switch and is remote and wall control adaptable (not included from Sparks).

This model includes a reversible switch that enables the ceiling fan to be used during cool or warm weather. This is ideal for comfort all-year-round and for maximum energy savings.

The reversible switch is a great example of a modern feature on a product once considered ‘antiquated’. In the summer, it will keep your home cool by running your ceiling fan counterclockwise.

In the winter, your ceiling fan will run clockwise to re-circulate warm air, which will eliminate any cold spots and cold drafts.

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The convenience provided by Westinghouse’s contemporary fans

There are further advantages offered by Westinghouse’s ceiling fans, with their ‘dual mount’ system. These versatile fans may be installed with or without the extension down rods they are compatible with.

This flexibility allows you to install the fan either close to the ceiling or at a lower level in rooms with high ceilings.

With the Westinghouse Chrome ceiling fan, if you purchase the additional rod (not included from Sparks), you can hang it from a very high ceiling, as well as standard ceiling height.

Like the Portland Ambiance, the Westinghouse Chrome also comes with a wall or remote switch and has a reversible switch for summer and winter operation.

The Princess Trio ceiling fan: ‘fairytale’ beauty combined with modern features The Princess Trio is a decorative, traditional ceiling fan - designed for rooms up to the size of 15 meters squared.

The Trio uses a quiet, high-quality motor with three-speed levels. In summer mode it provides pleasantly cool indoor temperatures, and in winter mode it distributes heat evenly.

This saves a huge amount on heating costs. It is named ‘Princess’ due to its fairytale-like beauty in design. This model has four reversible blades in white, with white housing surfaces and polished brass accents.

Their three lamps are encompassed by attractive glass covers.

The Princess Trio comes factory-equipped with a pull switch to control the light and speed, but these settings can also be adjusted via remote control or a wall switch.

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Westinghouse helps ceiling fans make a welcome comeback

For those of us who missed the vintage style of ceiling fans, we must applaud Westinghouse and other manufacturers for helping them make a comeback.

If you were on the side arguing for ‘traditional’ ceiling fans as a cooling solution, you are now in luck. With the Westinghouse range of modern ceiling fans, you can have the best of both worlds.