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What the Amazing Pratley Quickset Putty can Do for You!

What the Amazing Pratley Quickset Putty can Do for You!

  2022-09-22         sparksdirect

The Pratley Quickset Putty is exceptionally high strength and hand moldable quick setting putty-like adhesive.

It adheres to most rigid materials like concrete and cement, wood, and metals, and can withstand most chemicals, mild acids, oil and petrol. 

Mixing equal proportions of the resin and hardener supplied in the form of sticks yields a versatile, quick setting medium with 1001 uses.

Pratley Quickset Putty differs from Pratley Putty (Original). The latter is easier to apply underwater and can be easily smoothed with a wet finger.

However, it is not quick setting. 

The Amazing Pratley Quickset Putty - Properties

Let's take a look at the properties of Pratley Quickset Putty.

  • Very high strength and quick setting.
  • It can be shaped and molded by hand, making it easy to use and task-specific.
  • Adheres to most rigid materials.
  • Once set can be sawn, filed, machined & sanded, resulting in a smooth finish.
  • It accepts paint - it can be painted and it can be drilled once fully set.
  • Very good electrical insulator.
  • Withstands most chemicals, oil, petrol, etc

What can we use the Amazing Pratley Quickset Putty for?

What can we use the Amazing Pratley Quickset Putty for?

Some suggested uses for Pratley Quickset putty include repairing car radiators and engine sumps, replacing and repairing broken handles and knobs, repairing or mending metal watering cans and garden implements, and refitting new screws in walls.

Here is a more comprehensive list of uses for the Pratley Quickset Putty:

  • Seal metal water tanks and cracked motor car sumps.
  • Repair wash hand basins and toilets.
  • Replace broken handles and knobs on utensils.
  • Repair ceramic fuse holders and insulators.
  • Re-fit loose screws in walls.
  • Mend garden implements and metal watering cans.
  • Repair car radiators and leaking metal petrol tanks.
  • Repair cement furniture and pots.
  • Make your own models and sculptures
  • However, we do not recommend using Pratley Quickset Putty for: 
  • Bonding of rearview mirrors to windscreens.
  • Very high temperature above 100°C continuous (e.g. exhaust pipes).
  • Flexible materials.
  • Underwater use.

The Amazing Pratley Quickset Putty - Interesting Facts

The Amazing Pratley Quickset Putty - Interesting Facts - the Company

Based on their documents and research, here are some of the most interesting facts about Pratley Putty - facts which you may or may not know:

  • Pratley Putty is the only South African manufactured product on the Moon!
  • The Pratley Company invented epoxy putty!
  • The compressive strength of Pratley Putty exceeds that of concrete!
  • The intake penstocks of the mighty turbines in the Kariba Dam were repaired with Pratley Putty!
  • Pratley Putty (original) has been used to float sunken ships as well as repair boats at sea!
  • A Green turtle had a damaged shell that was repaired with Pratley Putty!
  • Researchers stuck radio transmitters with Pratley Putty to the scales of Pangolins whilst studying them in the wild!

The Amazing Pratley Quickset Putty - In the News

  • Pratley Putty has been a mainstay product for over 50 years (via, Engineering News); 
  • To the moon and back with Pratley Putty (via, Home-dzine).
  • First SA product on the moon commemorated (via, Credible Carbon).
  • South African invention lands on the moon (via, South Africa history online).
  • Pratley Putty has been a mainstay product for over 50 years (via, Energize). 
  • How Pratley Putty - an Extremely Strong Epoxy Adhesive - can Glue almost Anything (article via sparks).

Company photo Credit: here.

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