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What are the Features and Benefits of the Hager Consumer Units?

What are the Features and Benefits of the Hager Consumer Units?

  2013-05-15         sparksdirect         Product News » Consumer Units News

We have noticed a video recently put online by Hager outlining the main features and benefits of their consumer units, and after watching the 1.07 min video we thought that our readers and customers would also benefit from watching it.

We have spoken extensively about the Hager Domestic and Commercial Consumer units on our blog, but there's always something new and special that we find out about them.

Update: the video has been made private by Hager, but the main benefits and features of these boards from Hager still stand

Hager Consumer Units - Features and Benefits

When we talk about the consumer units from Hager, we mean especially the domestic distribution boards. Take a look at this short video and don't forget to read the comments below. 

  • Removable Top Wall - removes easily to provide cable access and re-seals to IP4X when used with the two foam strips provided.
  • Cable Space - maximum cable space is available even with the RCBOs fitted so that the installation and the wiring would be much easier.
  • The Terminal Bars - the top-mounted terminal rail makes the wiring of the neutral and earth connections easier and neater.
  • Meter Tail Kit - an optional meter tail kit is available to make the wiring and termination on the incoming cables easier to install.
  • Snap-able Busbar - a snap-able busbar provides a quick and simple configuration of the devices.
You can purchase Hager Domestic Consumer Units via Sparks - or read more on our blog concerning these devices.