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What Do People Normally Use Motion and Occupancy Detectors for?

What Do People Normally Use Motion and Occupancy Detectors for?

  2012-10-09         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

A motion or occupancy detector can be an incredibly useful device to have around.

We can all probably think of a few uses for one, but some people install them for reasons that might well surprise you.

In this article, we would like to explore some of the most common and more creative uses for these energy-saving devices.


You might have guessed that they are very useful as part of a security system, and indeed motion sensors are part of the comprehensive Digiview 4i intruder alert system that we talked about a few weeks ago.

If the cameras detect movement while the system is active, they will automatically start to record. A motion sensor is also useful when it's connected to an alarm sounder.

Home Automation

It is also possible to have a sensor such as the Green-i dimmer control the lighting, heating and/or ventilation of any energy-conscious property, be it domestic or commercial.

The sensor will switch ON the connected appliances when a person enters a space, then turn them back off when nobody is around.

Creative Uses for Motion Detectors

Of course, some people have much more creative and interesting uses for motion sensors.

If you work in a place of business where you need to spend a lot of time away from customer-facing areas like a shop front, you could be alerted when someone walks through the front door.

Better customer service through technology! Maybe you're on a diet, and you need some external help to stay away from cookies.

You could install a tiny device - a mini-detector about the size of a £1 coin - close to the biscuit tin, and then connect it to a sufficiently horrible-sounding alarm. It's surprisingly effective, and it will help you "stay on track".

One more surprisingly common use is in ghost hunting. 

Sadly, we haven't had too many customers who would purchase a motion detector for this purpose, but we are assured that these devices can be an indispensable part of paranormal investigations.

What do You use Motion Detectors for?

We're always interested in hearing about interesting and unique uses for our motion and occupancy detectors.