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What Light Fittings should we Install Outdoors when it Rains and it's Wet?

What Light Fittings should we Install Outdoors when it Rains and it's Wet?

  2015-10-21         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

It's raining. This is not abnormal here in the UK, especially during this time of the year, but this changes everything. Less time spent outside, more time spent indoors, and if possible, minimise the trips through the rain.

Take the bus, drive, or take the train, so that your day won't be ruined by the rain.

That is, unless you love rain and you're a hardcore outdoors person, in which case go for it! When it rains outside and we have a wet and humid weather we need to be extra careful with what kind of lighting we use outdoors.

There's such a thing as IP rating, the international protection rating, which says what kind of lights can be used outdoors (especially in this country!).

IP44 rated light fittings are good for wall ligthing (especially if they are covered by a roof extention or something), but it is best for a light fitting to be IP65 rated, that is, to be waterproof and sealed for any dust and water particles.

So what kind of of light fittings can you use outdoors when it rains and there's such a wet weather?

Waterproof Wall Lights for Outdoor Lighting

Waterproof Wall Lights for Outdoor Lighting - Verona V405 Black wall light

There is a wide range of wall lights, but not all can be used outdoors; it is recommended to install a wall fitting that is at least IP44 rated so that water would not reach the electricals, or even an IP65 or IP67 waterproof fitting (to be more secure).

Also, depending on where do you want to mount the light fitting - whether by the entrance of the house, the side wall of the house, behind the house, on the garden wall, etc - there are all kinds of fittings that are suitable.

Take a look at the V405 Verona IP54 round lights in silver or black, or at the Astro Lighting IP67 rated Beam one / two LED wall lights.

For a more traditional look light fittings by the door entrance, why not try the Homefield wall lights in black, bronze, or nickel (a finish for every taste!) from Astro Lighting.

All Garden Lights need to be Rainproof!

All Garden Lights need to be Rainproof - including the RO7 LED step light

Whether to light up the entrance or the pathway, shed light on a statue or area of the garden, or simply to indicate which way is the exit of the garden, all the garden lights need to be rainproof, that is, completely IP65 or more rated.

Water just cannot - and should not - reach the electrical circuit. You can use some really nice LED deck lights and LED step lights for highlighting the side of the house, the pathway, or just for design; most of them come with the driver included and they offer a discreet light when needed (and with the shorter daylight these are very much needed!).

Take a look at the RO8, RO9, and RO7 1W LED brick lights, or at the stylish Astro Tango 1W white, black, stainless steel, or polished chrome 1W square or round lights.

And don't forget about the spike lights and the flood lights, much needed and very useful either for alerting of the intruders or highlighting the facade!

Exterior Ceiling Lights - Stylish and IP Rated

Exterior Ceiling Lights - Stylish and IP Rated - see the Calvi exterior pendant light

The ceiling lights used outdoor are mainly under some sort of a cover, either a roof or a porch; this allows them to be not only stylish but also have a lower IP rating. Unless the exterior ceiling lights are under direct rain or contact with water, you can safely use IP44 or even IP23 rated pendant lights or ceiling mounted lights under the right cover.

This allows you to choose from a wide range of traditional ceiling lights like the Montparnasse pendants, Calvi suspension lamps, and Galatea bronze pendants, just to name a few.

Many of them now use LED lamps, and so you can save energy (and money) when leaving the porch light on until midnight or so! Of course, you can fit these with a PIR sensor, and they will come on only when someone is actually using that area...

Installing Waterproof Lights for Outdoor

Always remember: never DIY when it comes to installing light fittings, whether indoor or outdoor.

Always use a registered electrician to install or replace outdoor lights, whether wall, ceiling, ground, spike, post, recessed, or flood lights.

Also, never assume that a particular light fitting can take LED lamps - always check with the manufacturer's specifications, and make sure the LED lamps fit that light fitting.

For any other enquiries regarding our wide range of exterior lights which can be used in a rainy weather, don't hesitate to contact us at Sparks - or simply visit our showroom in N19 5SE, Archway, North London, UK.