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What Should You Do If the Order Doesn't Arrive on Time, as Promised?

What Should You Do If the Order Doesn't Arrive on Time, as Promised?

  2012-10-15         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » Sparks Updates

Believe it or not, even though we do our best at Sparks Electrical to safely pack and send the items people order, sometimes the order doesn't arrive on time, that is, on the day we say it would!

On our side we let the customers know all the details of the shipment - the tracking number, the name of the company who delivers it, and what day the parcel will arrive.

But from then on, we are completely in the hands of the courier company, which now holds your parcel for delivery!

What if the Order Doesn't Arrive on That Day?

What time during the day does the order arrive? Unfortunately, the current courier company we use does not guarantee a time during the day when the parcel will arrive at the destination, but they have a window of 9am to 6pm.

They try to deliver during these hours. If no one is in to receive the order, they will leave a card with the consignment number and the phone number where people can call to track their order.

They will still try to deliver one more time, but if people don't call, there's nothing they can do :( What if the order doesn't arrive on the day we promised it would?

This rarely happens, but when it happens, the customer is entitled to ask us for a refund of the carriage charge, since we promised we deliver on one day and it arrived a day later.

We in turn will have to take it up with the courier company and obtain a refund of our carriage charge, for the same reason.

This rarely happens, but recently there have been some cases that made us think about it and write this article. It is very good to be at home on the day we tell you the delivery will be made - the signature is required for the parcel to be delivered.

What Should I Do if the Parcel is Not Here Yet?

The email of confirmation we send contains the website address where you can check the status of your delivery, and the courier can be called at any time with the tracking number to check where the parcel is.

Note: once we ship the parcel, it is the courier who has all the information about it! What should you do if the parcel is not yet at your delivery address?

The best is to call the courier company and check with them where the parcel is, and then, if necessary, you can call us.

This sounds logical, and this is what we would do if we would order online, but it bears repeating for the sake of "setting the common rules" of the game.

The Parcel Has Arrived on Time!

We would love to have this response as a feedback from ALL our customers, but we are at the mercy of the courier company in this respect.

Of course, more than 99.99% of our customers receive the ordered goods on time and on the day promised, but for those who don't, we apologize and we promise we will find a better way to do this next time!

Soon on our new website with a new layout and a new system of operating we will open a way for all our customers to leave more feedback, and you will see that this last title is the reality with MOST of our orders!

We guarantee you not only the lowest prices online and the highest quality for all the items we sell, but also a delivery on time as promised!

Are you one of our customers? Did you receive your parcel on time? Or, were there some delays / problems? Leave us a comment below or contact us as soon as you can.