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What TreeHugger, Inhabitat, and FastCoDesign Say about Jake Dyson's LED Lamps

What TreeHugger, Inhabitat, and FastCoDesign Say about Jake Dyson's LED Lamps

  2013-05-14         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

If you visit us in our showroom in Archway you will notice not only the stylish small LED task lamps from Jake Dyson but also the presentation video supplied, which runs continually in the background.

You will be captivated by its simplicity, many uses, flexibility, modern design, and advanced technology incorporated. We have already mentioned that Jake Dyson's LED task lamps will work for almost forty years, but there's even more than that to be said! Today we are quoting what three reputable websites/blogs - Tree Hugger, In Habitat, and Fastcodesign - say concerning these amazing fittings.

TreeHugger on Jake Dyson's LED Lamps

Not sure how right they are when they entitle their article with, Jake Dyson's LED Desk Lamp Will Light Up Longer Than You Will, but the truth is that these light fittings are designed to last at least 40 years! Here's what they further say,
LEDs can last almost forever, but they often burn out early because they generate a lot of heat in a very small area. British designer Jake Dyson has built a heat pipe into the structure of the CSYS lamp to carry the heat away from the LEDs and then use the arm of the lamp as a heat sink to carry the heat away from the lamp.

Inhabitat on Jake Dyson: Whopping 37+ Years!

Inhabitat is also amazed at the lamp life of these amazing yet simplistic LED task lamps.

After recognizing that Jake Dyson takes after his dad (the "vacuum god", that is, the inventor of the Hoover vacuum cleaners), Holly writes,

His CSYS desk lamp, which debuted during New York Design Week, has a built-in heat pipe running inside its arm that carries the heat generated by the LEDs away from them. The arm itself acts as a heat sink, releasing the heat into the air. The result is that the attached LEDs will last a whopping 37 years longer!

Fastcodesign "a Light that Lasts 50 years!"

What TreeHugger, Inhabitat, and FastCodeDesign Say about Jake Dyson's LED Lamps

Those at Fastcodesign went as far as saying, How Jake Dyson’s Little Design Firm Developed A Light That Lasts 50 Years. After interviewing and talking to the designer and manufacturer of these fittings they write,

So in the CSYS, the entire cross beam (which holds the LED) is one gigantic heat pipe. This heat pipe is supported by a scaffolding of heat sinks. When you combine all of that surface area, heat within the LEDs dissipates with remarkable efficiency. With the temperature at which the LEDs’ junctions run in the CSYS, manufacturers can guarantee 160,000 hours of sustained light--no dimming or color temperature change. That’s over 30 years. And it’s a conservative figure. One internal estimate by major LED manufacturer Osram gives the CSYS an operational run time of 220,000 hours--or about 50 years of nonstop light. Dyson can’t publish that number as no LED light has ever been tested that long in a lab.
The truth is that it's one thing to get an LED lamp that looks slick and has a promise of 10 years on the box, and it is something totally different to get a lamp designed from the ground up with the maximum lifetime and energy-saving in view!

When you purchase an LED task lamp like Jake Dyson's CSYS range you have the assurance of no temperature and no color change for more than 30 years (the most conservative features), apart from flexibility, precision, light distribution, bright LED light, and many other environment-friendly features.