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What we have to say on, Increasing Sales and Revenue with Responsive Web Design

What we have to say on, Increasing Sales and Revenue with Responsive Web Design

  2014-02-21         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » SEO updates

Yes, you heard it right: we have something to say on the topic of increasing sales and revenue (especially online) with a responsive web design.

If you're not subscribed to the Electrical Wholesaler Magazine, in the February 2014 edition we contributed an article on this very topic.

You can read it on page 30 of their online edition. In this article we would like to present some snippets from this piece, some goodies for all those interested in this topic.

Website Re-design - this time it's Responsive!

"The design of the new website was centred on improving the user experience of visitors by enabling people to view the website on virtually any device or screen size. Sparksdirect's mobile audience now makes up approx. 25% of the traffic to their website, and so the company saw developing a responsive website as key to engaging with the rising number of visitors."
The re-design of our website was planned and carried out by putting the customer first, and so we came up with a user-centric design.

increasing sales and revenue with responsive web design

That is, through research and user testing we came up with a better design that would allow the customer to navigate around the website, find what he's looking for, add it to the shopping cart, wish list, compare list, etc, and then proceed to checkout.

Retaining the Features and Functionality in the New Responsive Web Design

"Although the website undertook a major redesign, it was important to Sparks to retain the popular features of the old website. These included the 'product comparison' tool, the 'VAT tax toggle', the 'switches and sockets wizard', the reviews and questions section, etc. This meant that loyal users were still familiar with the website, but now had an optimised experience when accessing their favourite features."
With many thanks to the good people at Cyber-Duck who worked our new responsive web design, we are pretty sure you will also love our website on your iPhone, Android Phone, Windows Phone, or tablet (of any popular size). 

Simply visit us at www.sparksdirect.co.uk and you will see for yourself - we retained the features and functionalities of our website (plus added some more!) and we made them all user-friendly and easy to find!

PS. With thanks to the people at EWMagazine, who will post the entire article next week on their website, according to this tweet.