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What We Know About Fabbian's Mysterious New Lighting Design

What We Know About Fabbian's Mysterious New Lighting Design

  2013-01-31         sparksdirect         Product News » Designer Lighting News

Since October, Fabbian have been updating their blog with sporadic information on a new project.

It remains mysterious; we don't know what it is, exactly, nor do we know where it will be revealed, nor when.

What we do know is: it's ambitious.

Fabbian's Enigmatic New Installation: Summary

In collaboration with the London-based architectural firm Foster + Partners, Fabbian have been strangely open and not open about the design process, updating their blog with enigmatic but informative updates (albeit in broken English) along the way.

We know that it's a crystal-bladed design housing an LED system of uplights, which illuminate the whole crystal structure up to a certain point without striking anything else.

The design also features a trolley system for easy maintenance, so that engineers can pull out those LEDs and reconfigure or troubleshoot the whole system.

The base, say Fabbian, is the key to the whole design.

And some weeks ago, the mysterious object was shipped for installation in a 'huge public building' in either New York, London, or Hong Kong - Fabbian are remaining quiet.

Speculations on the Form and Function

Whatever this thing is, it is rumored to be installed at Hong Kong International Airport - so it could be an architectural feature, which means it's likely to be a high-bay industrial/commercial fitting. Given the partnership with Foster + Partners, that's the most likely scenario as we can see it - that is, if Fabbian are concentrating on commercial gain at all.

On the other hand, it could be an installation of the more artistic sort, designed to show off what's possible, not just commercially viable.

The trolley design and uplighting would seem to point at this. But why would an LED system need to be maintained and changed so often as to require an easy slide-out design?

This isn't the first time these three entities (Fabbian, Foster + Partners, and H.K.I.A.) have come together: back in 2008, Fabbian and F+P collaborated to make light walls for Cathay Pacific cabins within the same airport.

Of course, we're willing to be proven wrong. Who wants to take virtual bets on this? Take a guess in the comments, everybody, and we'll keep you updated.