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Where does an Electrical Wholesaler Fit in the Life of an Electrician?

Where does an Electrical Wholesaler Fit in the Life of an Electrician?

  2013-06-07         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » Customer Service

Yes, we are an electrical wholesaler. We have been here in Archway (North London) at 659-661 Holloway Road, N19 5SE, London, for over 20 years.

We have been so long that even the barbers know about Sparks. Even those at Sainsbury's and at those at Archway cafe know about Sparks.

We are the local wholesaler in this neck of the woods. So, what is this article about?

What is the Role of an Electrical Wholesaler?

Why don't we just "sell online" and "close the shop"? What's the role of an electrical wholesaler?

Well, this question is a loaded one, and we can at best mention some of the roles that an electrical wholesaler has in a certain areas. Here we go:

  • An electrical wholesaler sells electrical items and everything electrical for all your electrical needs. Pretty simple and obvious, right? Well, yes and no - it is very important to have a wide range of both light fittings and switches and sockets, heating solutions, ventilation fans, and all kinds of cables, light bulbs, etc. That's what we do: we make sure that all your electrical needs are met!
  • An electrical wholesaler offers you advice. Yes, you can look at the lights and sockets and cables and light bulbs in our showroom, but it's so much better when you explain to one of our awesome sales people what you need, and they will help you find exactly that! Many customers bring tough questions and have a long list of items they need - but our sales consultants sorts them out with the best info and the greatest products!
  • An electrical wholesaler is here to stay. There are many other roles of an electrical wholesaler, but the most important one is - we are here to stay, serve you, bring new stuff, and give you the best advice. And if you want to, you can even become an account customer - make an account with us, have some special deals, and have your items delivered by our van to your desired location! We're not going anywhere - you will find us here!

How does an Electrical Wholesaler Work with Electricians?

Where does an Electrical Wholesaler Fit in the Life of an Electrician?

Relationships among people in general and between businesses and people are very complex and have many facets, but we will try to jot down some of the ways an electrical wholesaler can relate to and help an electrician, based on our extensive experience with many electricians around and afar.
  • An electrical wholesaler sells stuff to electricians - according to the specifications and needs of the electricians (many times written down on long lists, taken by phone as phone-orders, emailed, etc) we order, prepare, and sell the electrical items an electrician needs.
  • An electrical wholesaler gives advice to electricians - sometimes there are new products, new technologies, replacing items, better solutions, etc. We therefore offer up-to-date advice to electricians, functioning as a liaise between the manufacturers and the customers, and doing recommendations based on the needs and specifications.
  • An electrical wholesaler offers support - we don't just "sell the stuff" but we also offer support. Some items may not be the right ones for the job - we accept returns. Other items may become faulty - we replace them. Others need user manuals and extra training to be used - we arrange that. And so on - there are many ways we offer customer support to electricians.
  • An electrical wholesaler gives special deals - if you're a regular, if you buy large quantities, or in other conditions, we can offer electricians special deals! Come talk to our sales people and you will be satisfied with our prices!
  • An electrical wholesaler gets you special items according to special requirements - we have to admit that we don't keep everything in stock, and especially the ones that need to be ordered as specials, we rarely bring in. But for all electricians (and all customers in general), we at Sparks bring in special items (dimming systems, grid systems, consumer units, Ryefield boards, etc) according to your special requirements.
  • .... a friendly face, a warm welcome, and a good chat! Let's not forget about this aspect of the business - come in, let's talk about football :) or the weather :( or about anything else. All our sales people are "human beings", approachable, lovely to chat with, and warm at heart.
Remember: the above do NOT constitute a comprehensive list of everything Sparks Electrical Wholesalers Ltd does for electricians, but it is a list that's worth putting out online! If you're an electrician, what do you think?

How does an electrical wholesaler relate to you? What other things can an electrical wholesaler do for an electrician - besides those mentioned above? We would appreciate your input and your opinion on this matter.

Picture credit: electrician here.