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Where to install the Airflow Extractor Fans and simple instructions of installing the iCON fans

  2010-08-25         admin         Advice » Ventilation Advice
To find out which Airflow Fan is the best for you(at home or at the office, interior extractor fans), read the previous article entitled, What type of Airflow Extractor Fan do you need - what do the regulations say, what's the best fan? The Airflow Extractor Fans should be positioned in such a way that they give an optimum flow of air through the whole room and they avoid pockets of residual air. The location of planned or existing door and window openings must be considered as well as sources of odours, stale air or condensation. Grilles may need to be installed to allow air into the room, particularly with inner rooms which have no windows and tightly sealed doors. The Extractor Fans should be mounted as high as possible, well away from primary heat sources such as gas water heaters and boilers.

The IEE regulations specify the installation of fans within bathrooms and showers by identifying a series of zones. The IEE regulations must be adhered to for all electrical installations.

Installing the Airflow iCON extractor fans

All the Airflow iCON fans must be installed in accordance with the latest IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition (BS7671:2008). Part 7 (Special Locations).

For a complete description of the dimensions of the zones and other information pertaining to a bathroom installation please consult your Part P Assessed Electrician. This diagram is meant for guidance only.
  • Zone 0 in the bathroom - The RED area, the Interior of the bath or a shower tray, here NO Fan can be fitted;
  • Zone 1 in the bathroom - The ORANGE area, the external edge of the bath or a shower tray, extending up to 1.2m from the centre point of the water outlet;
  • Zone 2 in the bathroom - The GREEN area, it extends beyond Zone 1;
More information about the IP ratings in the bathroom, the IP zoning, the IP zones in bathrooms, and a short explanation of the Index of Protection. This article is the second part of the full article entitled, What Airflow Fan do I need and Where Should I site it? - you can read the full article via the Airflow website here. Also, read more about the Airflow Icon fans(low energy extractor fans, even the new face of ventilation), the Airflow Aura-Eco 100mm / Aura-Eco 150mm axial fans, or the Airflow Aventa Shower Kit AVSHWTKT.