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Whole House Ventilation Airovent WHV8, low energy solutions from Airflow

  2009-11-05         admin         Product News » Ventilation News
Airflow provides a choice of continuous, low cost ventilation solutions for the whole house - in both the new and the refurbished dwellings. Conveniently located in lofts and cupboards, this system provides excellent, low noise extraction from a combination of the bathroom, en-suites, utility room and kitchen, through easy to fit ducting. By continuously extracting the stale and moist air, a generally healthier and fresher environment is being created in order to help solve the problem of the dampness and condensation; this benefits both the fabric of the building and the occupants' health. Read more below about the Airovent WHV-8 range, some features, the available models, and the dimensions of the Whole House Ventilation solutions from Airflow.

The Airovent Model WHV-8 range (SAP Appendix Q - Elligible)

With three speed settings(low, medium and high speed extraction), the Airovent WHV-8 provides continuous quiet ventilation. It is also SAP Appendix Q Eligible. The Airovent WHV8-14 provides higher pressure performance for larger dwellings.

Some of the applications of the Whole House Airovent Ventilation WH8

  • Ideal of the new domestic properties and refurbishments;
  • It is suitable for houses, flats, apartments and sheltered accommodation;
  • This system extracts from multiple rooms simultaneously.

Main features of the Airovent Ventilation WH8 series

  • It is designed for continuous operation;
  • This system helps reducing the condensation problems;
  • The motors are low noise and long life;
  • This system meets the Building Regulations ADF 2006, System 3;
  • Inputs: four inputs for duct connections;
  • Optional: Some versions come with wireless remote control;
  • Controls: optional accessories can be ordered for humidity and timer control;
  • Accessories: Ducting, grilles and flow control valves are available for ordering;
  • This system has a Low Specific Fan Power.

The Airovent range of Whole House Ventilation - available models

Airflow Whole House Ventilation - Airovent WHV8
  • Low Air Flow: 130 m3/hr;
  • Medium Air Flow: 190 m3/hr;
  • High Air Flow: 350 m3/hr;
  • Power: 12 / 22 / 41 watts;
  • Supply: 230V / 1PH / 50Hz;
  • Rated Current: 0.18 amps, SAP-Q Eligible.
Airflow Whole House Ventilation - Airovent WHV8-14
  • Low Air Flow: 140 m3/hr;
  • Medium Air Flow: 230 m3/hr;
  • High Air Flow: 350 m3/hr;
  • Power: 13 / 40 / 73 watts;
  • Supply: 230V / 1PH / 50Hz;
  • Rated Current: 0.23 amps.

Airovent WHV8 - the Dimensions

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