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Why Envirovent ECO dMEV Trickle Fans with Continuous Running are the Best

Why Envirovent ECO dMEV Trickle Fans with Continuous Running are the Best

  2015-02-27         sparksdirect         Product News » Ventilation News

>Having a bathroom fan for extracting the steam, smell, or vapors when using the shower, toilet, or bath is one thing, and having a constant volume, continuously running extract fan is another.

It is good to install the right eco fan which offers you the lowest power consumption at the lowest noise output and with the lowest life-cycle costs. This is why we would recommend the Envirovent ECO dMEV extractor fans.

They put out a video (see at the bottom of the article - and this link on their site) where their general manager outlines the 10 good reasons to install the ECO dMEV extract fan, and we agree with them completely. Here are the,

Reasons for which the Envirovent ECO dMEV Trickle Fan is the Best Fan on the Market

Why Envirovent ECO dMEV Trickle Fans with Continuous Running are the Best

  • This fan is designed on the same concept as the award-winning filterless fan, which means that the ECO dMEV extractor fans have been designed to outlast the property it will be ventilating.
  • The front cover is very stylish, coming with a color strip that will help you match the fan with the decor or the preference of the occupant. Under the front cover there's yet another cover, made of high quality plastics and rubber, which create a permanent rubber seal - the IPx4 chamber protecting all the critical components of the fan.
  • Unique micro processor controls providing "sensorless" volume technology. There's no sensors in this fan; rather, it has the latest technology: sensorless with software and microprocessors controls which are directly linked to the centrifugal fan and alternate the speed of the fan depending on the resistance.
  • The centrifugal motor: innovative centrifugal motor delivering silent running with exceptional performance. Easily removable centrifugal motor, dual inlet, so the air can come in both sides. This means you get a very high performance when compared to an axial fan, and it can overcome quite a high resistance by maintaining the performance and low noise levels.
  • Quick release motor designed for ease of maintenance and low life-cycle costs. It is easy to remove the cover for the motor and clean it, which is excellent from the maintenance point of view. The motor and the cover split apart, and the motor can be wiped clean.
  • Designed with an easily removable impeller offering fuss-free cleaning. In addition, the impeller comes off: should the impeller need cleaning, it comes off and can be washed as needed. The motor is mounted on anti-vibration mounds, which means it can absorb any vibration and thus be the quietest fan in the market.
  • Rear expansion chamber delivering low resistance and quiet running. If you look at the back of the fan, there is a rear expansion chamber allowing the air to expand outwards. The centrifugal fan is at the front, forcing the air to go out at the back into the spigot, where the air is allowed to expand; this means there's lower resistance in the duct with quieter performance.
  • IPX4 rated electrical compartment. The electrical compartment with the components are done under an IPX4 rated housing, and they are safely protected (you need to unscrew it to come off). 230V electrical components housed away in an IPX4 chamber.
  • Triple protection offering a robust fan suitable for all domestic applications. You can put the IPX4 chamber on top of the motor and front, this means that the electrical components are double protected, and when you put the front cover on top, you could say that the fan is triple protected! The Envirovent ECO dMEV fan is thus not only the most robust fan on the market (with its triple protection), but this fan also does not distort (most axial fans have the problem of distortion) and it is triple protected.

Buy Envirovent Eco dMEV Fans

In conclusion, this is why Envirovent ECO dMEV fans are the best for new built applications: they are the easiest to install, the easiest to maintain, and the easiest to commission, and they are probably the safest extract fans on the market!