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Why You Don't Need Underfloor Heating (and Why You Actually Need It!)

Why You Don't Need Underfloor Heating (and Why You Actually Need It!)

  2013-04-02         sparksdirect         Product News » Heating News

The other day we were reading an article where the writer was was answering a reader's question concerning underfloor heating.

Though we are in April, winter is still here, and the cold weather outside persists.

We all know that no matter how warm is it at home - with the central heating, the wall heater, etc - as soon as someone opens the door or the window, the whole heat goes away! As long as you have cold floors, it's not so easy to have a lasting warm atmosphere at home.

Why You Don't Need Underfloor Heating

You don't need underfloor heating if you love the cold weather both outside and inside the house. If you prefer to spend a lot of money on heating - either convector or storage heaters - then underfloor heating is not for you.

Why disturb the cold atmosphere at home so that you may create warm air all-year-round no matter what weather you have outside?

Why You Need Underfloor Heating

Why You Need Underfloor Heating

If you want to feel comfortable at home, if you prefer not to wear thick socks and thick trousers inside your own home, then underfloor heating is for you.

If you are OK with investing a little in the beginning and then benefiting from warm floors during the cold months of autumn, winter, and spring, then underfloor heating is what you need.

If you are into DIY and you would like to improve your lifestyle, having no more worries about your electricity bill which can be affected by your heating elements in the house, then the underfloor heating solutions from Sparks Direct are what you need.

What's so Special about the Underfloor Heating?

Why You Don't Need Underfloor Heating (and why you also need it!)

Let's take the DEVI underfloor heating, for instance. They supply heating mats which can be installed under wooden floors, under concrete floors, and under laminate floors.

They come complete with the instructions to do-it-yourself, and Sparks Electrical can advise you on the project for heating the floors in your whole house.

And if you love gadgets, you can install their latest DEVIreg Touch Thermostat which can be set up and re-set as needed.

Oh, did we mention you can change the settings via the internet or the smartphone?

The DEVI underfloor heating solutions are really something good for the future, and the initial investment will definitely be covered and even forgotten as you enjoy lower electricity bills with all the warmth you ever dreamed of...

Pictures credit: the first inspired from the Telegraph's, Should I Get Underfloor Heating? and the second from the DEVI amazing pictures. You can read more about underfloor heating solutions here and here.