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And the Winner of a Free £50 Voucher for his Next Order at Sparks is....

And the Winner of a Free £50 Voucher for his Next Order at Sparks is....

  2013-05-02         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » Customer Service

Most of our customers know this, and we apologize for coming back to you guys so late concerning this, but there has been some emailing done and some orders placed on our website in the past 3-4 weeks which deserve a WINNER!

After launching our new website and testing it for a couple of months, we sent out some emails to some of our best customers, inviting them to visit our website and tell us what they think!

SparksDirect 2013 April Newsletter

And the Winner of a Free £50 Voucher for his Next Order at Sparks is....

We are proud to announce the launch of our new mobile friendly website! At we are constantly looking to improve our customer service, which is why we have launched a new and improved mobile ready website!

Some of the coolest features added to our new website are:

  • Product Reviews
  • Ask us Questions
  • Report a Lower Price
  • Compare Products
  • Free Shipping Over £100
We are also offering our customers the chance to win a free £50 voucher to use on our new website.

To be in with a chance, please enter the coupon code XXXX when spending £50 or more at

And the Winner Is.....

We have been speaking concerning the virtual-yet-friendly relationship we have with our customers, and now we are here to bring one more proof.

Out of all the customers who ordered on our website as a result of receiving this newsletter and clicking on it, we have picked a winner! For now, his initials are Ed Smith (London) - we checked with him and he is VERY HAPPY for this opportunity! So here you are - we have a winner for the £50 Voucher for his next order at Sparks!

What did we Learn from This?

First of all, we have learned that email marketing is not as efficient as it used to be. No offense to anyone, but even we ourselves don't click on every offer we receive by email.

So we need to find other means to bring people to participate - one of which is the social media!

We discovered that if there's any promotion or sale or anything, the social media websites like twitter, facebook, linkedin, google+, etc are quicker to help you spread the word and get some feedback!

So, congratulations to the winner, and social media, we will be back soon with a fresh strategy!