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Wired Audio Door Phone Entry System, doorphone with speaker and telephone

  2009-10-23         admin         Product News » Fire and Security News
You can use the same doorbell wire to connect this Audio Door Entry Kit KIT1FAPT, replace your old doorbell with the new and simple wired audio door phone entry system! This audio door phone system allows you to talk to visitors before opening the door - much safer than a simple doorbell / chime. There is also an additional function to allow the opening of an electronic lock. The KIT1FAPT is great for use in the home and in apartments, or for the elderly and less mobile. Note: Not supplied with cable(you can use the existing cable for the doorbell).

Read more about some of the most important features of this affordable audio door entry system and purchase it online via SparksDirect.

Audio Door Entry System - More Features

  • 2 wire connection between indoor unit and outdoor unit.
  • Rainshield is available.
  • Intercom with sharp clear audio.
  • 16 different ringer options.
  • Function for an electronic lock release - electric-controlled unlocking.
  • Waterproof outdoor unit (IP44 rated) with a backlit nameplate.
  • Mains adaptor and wall mount brackets supplied.
  • Dimensions (Indoor unit): 210 x 85 x 60mm.
  • Weight (Indoor unit): 340g.
  • Power supply: 12Vac, 1000mA.
  • Dimensions (Outdoor unit): 160 x 113 x 68mm
  • Weight (Outdoor unit): 0.35kg.
  • The panel of the outdoor unit is anti-oxidant metal panel.
  • The lock is connected with the outdoor unit.
  • The name or doom number of the user can be displayed on the outdoor unit, along with LED indication.
  • This economic design is easy for operation.
  • Each indoor unit has door release function.
  • The talking voice is very clear and no noise.
  • The maximum working distance is 100m.
  • Easy installation: Very easy to install.
  • More details + purchase this door entry system - on our website, at Electrical Items, Door Entry Systems, Audio Door Entry Systems.