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WiseDim, remotely control and dim your lighting system, 4 channel 2800W with wall switch and remote control

  2009-10-21         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
After introducing the WiseBox, today we would like to go on - the WiseDim Box Kit - 4 channel, 2800 Watts, including wall switch and remote control. This WiseDim kit uses Wireless Radio Technology - wireless controlling of the lighting system, either switching on/off the lights or dimming the lights.

The WiseDim's predecessor, the WiseBox, was solely designed to be used outside in garden lighting - in order to enable the electricians to wire lights using wireless switches and remotes that can be put anywhere within the range of the IP54 receiver box. The WiseDim kit now is on a higher level - enabling the electricians, the architects, the designers and the users to use the WISE range of products not only outside - but also inside, in order to revolutionise the way we wire our home! Read more about some of the features of the Wisedim, and the components - the Wisedim Receiver, the Wisedim Style Switch, and the Wisedim Keyfob.

The WiseDim Kit - Four Channel, Wireless, Complete Remote Dimming Kit - Features

  • This WiseDim is a Wisebox, but dimmable - the new dimmable Wisebox. The receiver in the WiseDim kit has 4 dimmable channels, 700W each.
  • The channels can be changed from dimming to switching if the load cannot be dimmed - both a dimmer and a switch box.
  • Any circuit can be changed from dimming to switching  with the use of a dipswitch - this allows non dimmable fittings(like the Fluorescent Lights and the LEDs to be operated).
  • Also, part of the kit is a 4 button remote keyfob and a 7 button wall switch.
  • The 7 button wall switch operates 4 channels, and the extra buttons on the 7 button switch brings 2 channels on, 4 channels on and turns all channels off.
  • Each circuit on the WiseDim is fused individually with a 6 Amp fuse to protect all the circuits.
  • Dimensions: height 230mm, width 253mm, depth 100mm.
  • Wattage: max. 2800W total, max. wattage/circuit 700W.
  • IP rating: IP54 rated.
  • The kit contains: 1 Wise Receiver, 1 Style Switch, 1 Keyfob.

The Wisedim Receiver - 4 channel, 2800W, part of the WiseDim Kit

The WiseDim receiver is rated IP54. This allows them to be fitted inside your home or outside in your garden.The receivers are designed to be simple to install, easy to use and most importantly, reliable. The maximum wattage you can have on one circuit is 700 Watts. The total wattage of the WiseDim is 2800 watts. Each circuit on the WiseDim is fused individually with a 6 Amp fuse to protect all the circuits. See a picture and description of the WiseBox, with the receiver.

The WiseDim Receiver has many features, like:

  • The dip switch panel allows you to change each circuit individually from switching to dimming. This feature is used when you have mixed dimming and switching circuits. Just change the dip switch accordingly.
  • You can program any 2, 4 or 7 button switch to turn on/off all circuits, so as you leave your house you can just press one button to turn all your lights off. When you turn all circuits on it remembers the last level so you have one scene built into the WiseDim.
  • Height: 198mm; Height (including glands): 227mm
  • Width: 256mm; Depth: 80mm
  • Max Wattage: 2800 Watts
  • Max Wattage/Circuit: 700 Watts
  • Min Wattage/Circuit: 60 Watts
  • IP Rating: IP54 rated

The Wise Style Switch - 7 button switch - Part of the Wisedim kit

  • This 4 channel switch can be programmed to any of the channels on the Wise receivers.
  • You can add up to 32 switches to the Wise receivers. This means there is no need for two way wiring as you can add another radio switch. You can program these switches to switch more than one Wise receiver.
  • The 7 channel switch works the same as the 4 channel switch and also allows access to other functions of the WiseDim and WiseBox. Button 5 will turn on all channels at previous levels. Button 6 will turn on channels 1 and 2 only, these are the circuits that are wired to the first two channels on the WiseDim. Button 7 will turn off any channels that are on.
  • Benefits: Turn all circuits off - Turn the first 2 circuits on - Turn all 4 circuits on - Radio switches require no wiring - No back box required.
  • Dimensions: Height 86mm; Width 86mm; Depth 13mm.
  • No back box required.
  • The battery life lasts up to 2 years.
  • Available in White or Silver.

The Wise Remote Fob - the Keyfob - part of the Wise Dim Kit

  • You can add up to 32 switches to the Wise receivers. This means there is no need for two way wiring as you can just add another radio switch. You could keep one with your cars keys, as you drive up to your house you can switch on your garden lights and hall lights.
  • You can program the 1 button remote to switch more than one Wise receiver. So for example, if you had three receivers it is possible with the 1 button switch to control a circuit from each of the receivers. There is no limit on how many Wise receivers are programmed to the same remote.
  • Dimensions - Height: 60mm; Width: 35mm; Depth: 14mm.
  • The battery life lasts up to 2 years.

To purchase online this 4 channel remote dimming kit - the WiseDim(cheaper than almost anywhere else online), visit the Outdoor Switches and Sockets. Here you can also purchase the WiseBox(see more details about it online).