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yes, we want your money, but above all we want you to be satisfied with the items you purchase

  2010-01-05         admin         Sparks Direct News » Sparks Updates
I am not too much involved on sales, but I noticed this particular "unspoken policy", this "customer care trend" that is going on in our company, among our sales consultants(either in the calls answering or over the counter in our shop):
Yes, of course we want your money, but not in your detriment! We want you to be satisfied by getting what you are actually looking for!
Many times I don't really understand that. And I know that are so many like me, who many times think that you just have to get the business, to get the money of the customers, so that you will advance/develop/become bigger and bigger. But this is not just about that - it's about developing a proper solid relationship with the customer and having him as your friend rather than selling him the products you have and then him hating you forever. So it happens that sometimes we don't get the sale - especially in the case of the calls on the phone, when people call in to ask about the stock of a particular item - just because, when we hear what the customer wants/needs, we realize that the items the customer wants to purchase are NOT the ones he actually is looking for, or: we DON'T HAVE / SELL these lights / dimmers / switches and sockets / heaters / etc! And this is not a "shame" to us - it's actually a help to point the customer in the right direction - maybe somewhere else they can find the specific lamp / light fitting that they actually need!

Do you really want to sell? Would you pay any price for that? Or do you want to befriend the customers + develop a trust relationship with them, so that you would actually be recommended by them to their friends / associates? The latter involves admitting, "Sorry, I don't think that we have this kind of items you're looking for, but you can try here or there" - indicating other brand names/websites. The former may lead you to many sales, but not a very good reputation nonetheless....

These being said, you're welcomed to visit us - 659 - 661 Holloway Road, N19 5SE, London - or call us/contact us by email. We'll do our best to help you get what you are actually looking for. Or, at least, to point you into the right direction :)