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You May Also end up Tweeting Like This when You Visit our Showroom!

You May Also end up Tweeting Like This when You Visit our Showroom!

  2013-05-22         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » Customer Service

We love Twitter. We love Facebook. We love google+. We love Pinterest. We love all these social media websites and social networking tools to get in touch with people, spread the word, reach out, and also to see what people are saying about specific topics.

There's also the element of fun and chatting, if you check out our Twitter feed - there's a bunch of #sparkies that keep chatting and include us also in this.

What Happens When You Visit our Showroom?

You May Also end up Tweeting Like This when You Visit our Showroom!

If you happen to be in North London, especially in the Highgate, Archway, Camden Town, Finsbury Park, Kentish Town, or Tuffnel Park, you can just pop into our showroom on Holloway Road.

I'm not sure what you guys think of our website, but when you come into our showroom you will definitely want to return.

The customer service and the technical help you will receive will incentivize you to come back and even bring your friends.

You bring your questions, pictures, schematics, and requirements, and our consultants will help you out. You will NOT be disappointed!

You may End up Tweeting Like This!

Most days there's a constant flow of customers in our showroom, but once in a while, something amazing happens.

One day we had BBC coming in and doing an interview regarding the phasing out of the 100W light bulbs. Another time we were quoted by some newspapers.

And from time to time a celebrity pops in. Yesterday, guess who was here? None other than Tim Westwood in flesh and bones! We won't post pictures with him here on Twitter, but here's what someone had to say about him,

You come in to check out what's new, or to buy a fan or light fitting, or just to ask about some light bulbs, and you bump into some celebrity from radio or TV! It happens :) and then you may tweet about it.

Or You may Say Something Like This

We wish many of our customers would tweet, especially the ones that come into our showroom.

They always leave with valuable information and high-quality items, plus advice and ideas for their project or building.

What if you would tweet about it? What if you would leave a like or a review on the Facebook page or the Google+ page?

Not to speak of a particular person only, but we rejoiced when we saw someone tweet about his service at Sparks yesterday saying,

How about that? Convinced yet? Good. See you in our showroom in Archway then - we're open Monday-Friday from 7.30 am to 5 pm. This Monday though, being a Bank Holiday, we will be closed.