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Cheaper Energy Saving Solutions, the BB3027 black Passive Infrared Sensor, 2KW PIR 270 degrees 10m coverage

  2010-10-11         admin         Product News » Lighting News
Similar to the wall BB2002 Black PIR 2KW 10metres range, the BB3027 black PIR is also an energy saving solution for indoors and outdoors. Covering an area of max. 10m and an angle of max. 270degrees, the BB3027 PIR can be connected to a lighting circuit protected by a 5A fuse/6A RCD - controlling a lighting load of max. 2000 Watts. You can adjust the timer from 5 sec up to 7 minutes, with a possibility of manual override - you can switch to MANUAL(and the light will remain on). Of course, the BB3027 PIR sensor range can be adjusted by moving the PIR both vertically and horizontally.

One of the features that stands out about this energy saving solution is that the BB3027 PIR is now available for a Recession price - the best deal for PIRs! For as low as £10 you can purchase this BB3027 black PIR for wall mounting!

The BB3027 2KW Black Passive Infrared Sensor

  • Great energy saving solution for less than in stores!
  • Wall mounted PIR - for best results, recommended to be installed on a solid surface;
  • Ideal siting: 1.8m - 2m above the ground;
  • PIR adjustment: on the base of the PIR there are 2 dials(time and lux);
  • Time adjustment: 5sec - 7mins(approx);
  • The PIR sensor is situated on a moveable joint;
  • To adjust the sensor range, move the PIR vertically/horizontally;
  • Manual override: switch to MANUAL(the light will remain ON);
  • Detection method: Passive Infrared Sensor;
  • Sensor range: 10 metres, 270 degree spread(approx);
  • Load rating: 2KW max(2000W load rating maximum);
  • Best PIR bargain: the BB3027 black PIR for as low as £10 + VAT!
  • More details + purchase online this energy saving BB3027 PIR for less at SparksDirect.
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