CommPact GSM Wireless Kit with 3 PIRs, 1 Contact, 1 Remote Keyfob, and 1 Sounder

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This is an Electronics Line Commpact GSM wireless kit coming complete with 3 Animal Immune PIRs, 1 contact, 1 remote keyfob and 1 WES external Sounder
The Commpact intrusion detection system is named for its streamlined, space-saving design, while offering a professional, highly reliable system at a competitive price. Commpact’s connectivity to the cloud-based ELAS server enables it to be controlled remotely by EL’s smartphone app (also available via web browser) that enables users to arm/disarm the system remotely as well as receive email/ SMS/ voice notifications and view and store a history of events. Commpact supports a wide range of security and safety accessories including elderly care and detectors against smoke, flood and poisonous gases.
The simple and quick wireless installation and remote programming of the Commpact system add further to its appeal as a powerful, convenient system which allows users to enjoy a complete sense of control as well as peace of mind.
The CommPact Control System is a full-featured wireless Control System that is expected to provide a solution to the needs of most residential installations. This system has been developed based upon a design concept geared towards easy installation and use. With this in mind, the user interface is based on a simple, menu-driven model that suits the essential requirements of both the user and engineer alike. You can program the CommPact Control System on-site using the Front Panel keypad or PC, or off-site via a PC using local programming option of the Remote Programmer. 
The system offers GPRS network connectivity, providing high-speed central station reporting via a GPRS interface.
The Electronics Line Application Server (ELAS) handles all communication between the system, service providers and web users enabling monitoring and control to be performed via the Web. 
Backup communication is carried out via PSTN or GSM. 
Central station communication and remote parameters programming and maintenance employ GPRS, GSM or standard PSTN communication. SMS messaging provides an innovative method used for both central station and Follow-Me user monitoring. Additionally, SMS messages can be sent to the Control System enabling the user to send commands to the system from anywhere on the planet. 
Features and Benefits
  • Wireless RF technology 
  • 32 Wireless zones 
  • Supports up to 19 keyfobs 
  • PSTN/GSM/GPRS communication modules 
  • Event reporting – GPRS with GSM and PSTN backup (Voice or SMS SIA/CID) 
  • Email/SMS/voice event notifications to end users 
  • 100 mA programmable output for wired siren 
  • USB connector for local PC programming 
  • Remote programming, firmware updates and maintenance 
  • Incorporates FM technology for enhanced RF noise immunity 
  • Digital RSSI (Reception Signal Strength Indication) 
  • Robust anti-collision transmission 
  • 66 bits encryption with SecuriCode™ technology (hopping and rolling code) 
  • Single transceiver technology 
  • Two-stage transmitter for improved frequency stability 
  • Menu-driven programming for quick and easy installation 
  • Remote Firmware Upgrades via GPRS 
  • Advanced remote programming software 
  • Fast up/downloading via PSTN, GSM or GPRS 
  • Upload status of all wireless devices 
  • Installer built-in utilities 
  • Real-time transmitter list and status, visible and audible signal strength meter 
  • GSM network coverage indication 
  • Smart walk test; transmitter test; wireless siren test; internal siren test; interface test 
  • Receiver quality measurement to evaluate signals in the same frequency
  • Approvals: EN50131
Technical Specifications
  • Zones: 32 wireless zones (1 transmitter per zone), 1 hardwire zone (Zone 33)
  • Wireless Keyfobs: 19 (controlled or Non-controlled)
  • Wireless keypads: up to 4, including one way or two-way
  • Repeaters: 4
  • Wireless Siren: 1 (2-way)
  • User codes: 32
  • Arming methods: full, part or perimeter
  • Event log: 1022 event capacity, time and date stamped
  • Weight: 1.350kg
  • Dimensions: 210 x 153 x 40mm
  • Event reporting accounts: up to 6, including Central Station, Follow-Me, and Voice.
  • Telephone numbers: 6 event reporting accounts, RP Callback, service call.
  • Communication interface options: GPRS, GSM, PSTN
  • Reporting protocols Contact: ID, SIA, SMS SIA, SMS Contact ID
  • End user notifications: SMS messages, e-mails, voice messages, follow-me numbers
  • Event log: 1022 on the control system, over 2000 logged on the ELAS
  • Voice messages: 16 recorded event messages; Home ID
  • Speed dial numbers: 1 service call number
  • Web user application: Video look-in, remote system activation and control, system settings, event notification settings
  • Mobile applications: WAP, smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.) applications for remote system activation, system settings and event notification settings
  • Receiver type: super-heterodyne, fixed frequency
  • Receiver frequency: 418MHz, 868.35 or 433.92 (optional). 
  • Power input: 230VAC 50Hz
  • AC current consumption: 30mA (alarm), 17mA (standby)
  • DC current consumption: 280mA (alarm), 130mA (standby)
  • Maximum auxiliary output current rating: 50mA
  • Battery low: below 7.15V
  • PGM relay output contact rating: 100mA (max load)
  • Built-in Siren: 93dB @ 10ft
  • Tamper switch: N.C.
  • Operating temperature: -10deg C to 55 deg C. 

Download the app for this kit from iTunes for your iPhone here.

Dimensions 210 x 153 x 40mm
Weight 1.350kg


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