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Ceiling Flush Mounted PIR Occupancy Switch in White, Presence Detector Switch Danlers CEFL PIR 360 deg Detection

Ceiling Flush Mounted PIR Occupancy Switch in White, Presence Detector Switch Danlers CEFL PIR 360 deg Detection

This Danlers ceiling flush passive infra-red occupancy switch (PIR) can be flush mounted into suspen..


£43.31 Ex. VAT

Batten Mount PIR Occupancy Switch with Intelligent Photocell (5m version) Danlers BMINTPIR5M

Batten Mount PIR Occupancy Switch with Intelligent Photocell (5m version) Danlers BMINTPIR5M

This is the Danlers BMINTPIR5M batten mounted PIR occupancy switch with Intelligent photocell - batt..

Model: BPIR5M

£40.91 Ex. VAT

Splashproof Flush Mounted PIR Occupancy Switch, IP44 Sealed Bathroom Version Danlers CEFL PIRS 10sec-40min Time Lag Range 6A

Splashproof Flush Mounted PIR Occupancy Switch, IP44 Sealed Bathroom Version Danlers CEFL PIRS 10sec-40min Time Lag Range 6A

This is a Danlers CEFL PIR splashproof ceiling flush-mounted PIR occupancy switch. These neat and un..


£45.48 Ex. VAT

Ceiling Surface Mounted PIR Occupancy Switch 6A in White 360deg Detection, Danlers CESF PIR

Ceiling Surface Mounted PIR Occupancy Switch 6A in White 360deg Detection, Danlers CESF PIR

This is the Danlers CESF PIR - a Ceiling Surface Mounted PIR Occupancy Switch 6A in White 360deg Det..


£43.40 Ex. VAT

Danlers TWSW Twilight and Dusk Switch IP66 Rated, Outdoor Security Twilight Switch/Adjustable Photocell

Danlers TWSW Twilight and Dusk Switch IP66 Rated, Outdoor Security Twilight Switch/Adjustable Photocell

This is the Danlers TWSW Twilight and Dusk Switch IP66 Rated, Outdoor Security Twilight Switch/Adjus..


£23.19 Ex. VAT

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Passive Infrared Sensors (PIRs) for Lighting, Ventilation, and Heating

The PIR - Passive Infrared Sensor - is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view and then trigger a certain action in a device or light fitting. They are most often used in PIR-based motion detectors, and they work in conjunction with lights, heating, ventilation, etc. Their main purpose is detecting the presence (or absence) of a human being (or a pet) in a certain area, and then switching ON or OFF the light, the fan, or the heat. The PIRs are of different kinds depending on the lighting loads, location (indoor or outdoor, wall or ceiling), IP rating, usage, etc. Some PIRs are integrated with the fitting: some light fittings come complete with a PIR sensor, and some fans have a PIR integrated for presence or motion detection. On our website at www.sparksdirect.co.uk we have quite a large range of PIR sensors - the standalone units - to help you save energy and make sure you don't waste money just because you forgot to turn the light or the fan off. Ceiling or Wall PIR Detectors from CP Electronics CP Electronics has quite a wide range of PIRs. One of them is the batten mount PIR, a miniature PIR that has been specifically engineered for mounting directly onto a batten style luminaire (see EBMPIR-MB), while another one is a retrofit PIR that allows previously uncontrolled lighting sources to benefit from presence detection and lux level (see EBMINT); these are both ceiling mounted PIRs. For ceiling flush mounting CP Electronics has the GEFL PIR movement sensor that provides automatic control of lighting, heating, or ventilation loads, having a low profile and being almost un-noticeable on the ceiling.If you prefer a wall-mounted PIR, the PDS-PRM no neutral wall mounted presence detector combines the PIR presence detection with a time delay function - it ideally replaces a wall switch so that, when the presence of a person is detected, the light turns on automatically. PIR Occupancy Switches from Danlers The Danlers range of passive PIR infra-red occupancy switches is designed for the automatic control of lighting, heating, ventilation or air conditioning loads. How it works: the PIR switch will switch on the connected load automatically when an area is occupied, and then switch it off automatically when the area has been vacant for a chosen duration. This has the benefits of reduced energy bills and automatic control. When being used to control lighting, the built-in photocell can be used to keep the lights off on bright days. Among the most popular ceiling flush PIRs from Danlers are the CEFL PIR (ideal for false or plasterboard ceilings) and the CEFL Sealed version (ideal for bathrooms and damp areas, sealed bathroom version). They also provide a wide range of batten mounted PIRs with the new "intelligent" photocell and a range of 5-10m detection; they are cost-effective solutions. Furthermore, they have some ceiling directional PIRs (which can be rotated and lowered, ideal for corridors and aisles), wall PIR detectors, and even some PIR occupancy switch modules (ideal for building into luminaires and for wall/ceiling mounting). Other PIRs: mini PIR, Outdoor PIRs, and Integrated PIRs Besides these two main British Manufacturers of PIR detectors and sensors there are many others, such as the outdoor BB2002 black outdoor wall-mounted PIR (up to 2000W, covers approx. 10m range, can be manually operated) and the BB3027 (2000W black PIR for corner-mounting outdoor, 270 degrees, 10m coverage). For indoor lighting control and with a £1 size is the BEG Luxomat PD9 - circular detection area, ceiling mounted or directly built-in lamps, or the ceiling mounted PD3FC circular mini occupancy detector which can be remotely controlled. For small spaces such as wardrobe lighting you can always use the LEDPC in-line photocell for LED striplights or the PIRSENSO mini PIR motion sensor for switching ON/OFF the lights up to 250W (10 sec - 3 mins PIR cupboard switch). The choice is yours: where and for what do you need a presence detector? Is it for indoor or outdoor? Is it for LED lamps, fluorescent fittings, or regular halogen or incandescent lamps? Take a look at the PIR solutions we at Sparks can offer you, and let us know if you need more information!

Lux Live 2013 Day 1: LED Lights, Energy Saving, and Lots of Good Talks

For the second year in a row, we went to visit the annual Lux Live lighting exhibition in Earl Court, and we were not disappointed. As the title says it, everyone was focused on energy saving and LED lighting. And, if possible, the reducing of the costs both for manufacturing the LED lights and for purchasing them. We took a look around, visited some of our old friends :) and made new friends too, and listened to a talk or two, snapped a photo or two, tweeted a bit.... Speaking of pictures, here are some of our Instagrams from this time (in case you missed them or you didn't follow us on twitter): Illuma Lighting at #LuxLive2013 - new LED spotlights for track systems, including some awesome remote-controlled track spotlights for commercial lighting! Danlers - Lots of PIR occupancy switch modules, either ceiling or wall-mounted. Check out their range on our website here. Aurora Lighting, always present at lighting shows, displays some of their latest LED downlights, fire rated recessed LED lights, dimmable lights, etc. Great products, also listed on our site here. Office Lighting Talk at Lux Live 2013 day 1 - energy saving, lighting design, people-focused or rigidly meeting the standards, customizing your lights, task lighting, etc. Just when things got heated up, the session had to end... Powerlite Lighting Solutions at LuxLive, with their well-known track systems, now with LED spotlights and some other cool LED solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting! Check out Microlux and Sign Lights here. Rako Total Lighting Control Systems with their blobs and dimmers and systems for remotely controlling the lights, both switching and dimming them from your iOS device....great guys. You can find them on our site. Name and Shame #LuxLive2013 - the last session we sneak-peaked at, with proof pictures of light fittings installed incorrectly, ON still during the day, energy waste, etc. Today is the second day of #LuxLive2013, and you can visit the many booths of lighting manufacturers, lighting resellers, lighting designers, etc plus listen to the great talks and sessions they have available in more than 3 venues (including the one in the middle of the show!).And a big thank you to all the ones organizing the show and making it possible! :)

Danlers is Helping You Select the Appropriate PIR Occupancy Switch

Winners of the Queen's Awards for Enterprise for Innovation in 2010, Danlers Ltd is a family-owned UK company which designed and manufactured electronic energy-saving lighting controls for the past 20 years or so. Their R&D team is continually working on developing next-generation products in the lighting control industry, facing the well-known challenge of the influx of newer technologies of LED lights and other digital technologies. Tony Kay (the executive chairman) says, DANLERS commitment to reliability, simplicity and our UK manufacturing heritage is at the heart of why customers like our products. Helping You Select the Right PIR Switch If you browse our website or any online store with PIR switches, you tend to either be confused or not be clear about which switch you need. We apologize for the inconvenience of not yet having a precise page where we can present the below information, but for now we would like to at least post on our blog some ideas and information that may help you choose the right PIR occupancy switch. It is very important to consult with your electrician, first of all, and secondly to know what you're buying. Here are some categories or criteria of choosing a PIR occupancy switch: Ceiling Mounted PIR Switches with 360 degrees Detection Zone As per the diagram above, Danlers has a wide range of ceiling-mounted PIR occupancy switches which have a 360-degree detection zone. They can be either flush mounted (in false ceilings or plasterboard ceilings), or surface mounted (having a small projection from the ceiling). Also, they can be hard wired or plug & socket. Ceiling Mounted PIR Switches with 120 degrees detection angle or low-range directional narrow beam Besides the PIR occupancy detector switches with a full 360-degree detection zone you can have the surface-mounted plug an d socket CEDR + CESO (120 degrees directional detection angle) or the CEDR 6PLR + CESO (with a long-range directional narrow beam). Wall Mounted PIR Switches with 120 Degrees Detection Angle If you need a wall-mounted PIR switch with a plaster depth wall box (16mm), there's the WACE PIR and WAPIR needing or not needing neutral wire respectively. They both have a 120-degree detection angle. Where Do People Use PIR Switches? The PIR switches are becoming very common both at home and in the office, since they have a time lag switch incorporated which automatically turns ON or OFF the lights when activated, dealing once and for all with the problem of "I forgot the lights ON!" This means you can use PIR switches and time lag switches in places like the living room, the bedroom, in offices, factories, schools, workshops, factories, hotels, canteens, staff rooms, corridors, stairwells, changing rooms, students accommodations, toilet blocks, military accommodation, etc. And you can buy them at some of the most affordable prices via, Time Lag Switches, and, Occupancy Detector Switches, on our website.

Danlers Explains the PIR Occupancy Switches and PIR Detectors

The good people at Danlers have some great guides related to PIR occupancy switches, where to use them, what does all the technical jargon mean, and so on. Today we were looking at the "PIR occupancy switch specifications" section and we found it inspiring. What is a PIR switch? What does it mean "adjustable time lag"? What's an adjustable photocell? These and some other questions are dealt with below.What is a PIR detector? A PIR is a passive infra-red quad person detector. It is a sensor that measures via infra red the light radiating from objects or beings in its field of view / area of sight. What is the Adjustable Time Lag? The PIR detectors have an adjustable time lag adjustable in nine steps, with the following approximate values: 10 sec, 20sec, 40sec, 1.25min, 2.5mins, 5mins, 10mins, 20mins, 40mins. What is an Adjustable Photocell? A photocell is "inhibit on", which means that it will "inhibit the lights" from switching on when someone enters an area with plenty of ambient light. Also, if the photocell detects that someone already is in an area and the lights are switched on, it will allow the lights to remain on (regardless of any increase in the light level). This feature is for avoiding any nuisance like switching off the lights when people are still in the room or there's a meeting going on in that venue. The photocell detects a range of 100-111lux (and photocell inactive) falling on the working plane. What Load do Danlers PIR Switches Take? What is the maximum load that the Danlers PIR switches can take? All the Danlers PIR occupancy detectors can switch up to 1500W 6Amp at 230V of resistive, transformer, or fluorescent loads, up to 500W 2Amp of low energy lighting loads (like the compact fluorescent and the LED lights), or up to 250W 1Amp of fans / metal halide lamps. Of course, a few PIR switches can be wired in parallel in order to control the same load. The Initial Start-up Mode When a PIR switch is set up and the mains supply is connected to the PIR occupancy switch for the first time, it goes through something called "Start-up mode". The switch is turned on for 1min, then switches off and enters its "Operating Mode". Please note that if a manual wall switch is feeding the PIR occupancy switch, it will go through the start-up mode each time the wall switch is switched ON. But if you wire the manual wall switch in the alternative position, the supply to the PIR occupancy switch will be uninterrupted and it will remain in "operating mode" (it won't go through "start-up mode" each time the wall switch is ON). Do you have any questions concerning the Danlers Occupancy Switches and PIR detectors? Please leave a comment below, or contact Danlers via their website. You can purchase Danlers occupancy detectors and time lag switches via the Lighting PIR section on our website.