DEVIreg Touch screen programmable thermostat with design frame, DEVImat intelligent thermostat

Model No. 140F1064 by: DEVI (Danfoss).
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The DEVIreg Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat offers hassle-free heating control with a super sleek design for discreet installation. It is the first ever thermostat to have touchscreen capability and features a forward-thinking ‘click-fit’ design, with the DEVIreg Touch providing a flexible solution for almost any electric floor heating solution.

Note: as with every thermostat, this Danfoss DEVIreg thermostat comes with a floor sensor, which can be used with it; it also works with other sensors (see the PDF files below). 

A crucial feature is in its remarkable ease of compatibility: it can combine with any existing system, providing a clever yet simple upgrade with its advanced energy saving features which cut heating bills without any exhaustive effort effort. This thermostat is a true ‘Internet of Things’  (IOT) device: you can use it to set up, control and program the settings for other products in the DEVI range, such as the DEVImat underfloor heating map. 

With its intuitive design, DEVIreg Touch features a fully flexible timer with a 15 minute time setting accuracy. With its sleek outside panel designed to look like a frame, it is very easy on the eye. With the addition of touchscreen capability, timer settings can be copied from one day to another or adjusted to suit your individual lifestyle, all done with a simple touch on its compact 2 inch screen.

Please note: this item is non-returnable; due to the fact that it has an electronic component, we cannot take this item back for a refund.

DEVIreg Touch Thermostat - Installer features

  • Intuitive programming interface
  • Compatible with several electrical frames
  • Setup according to room and floor type (wooden floor safe)
  • Optional setup via code for multiple installations
  • Support several NTC sensors
  • Patented read-out and read-in of setup code for long distance web support
  • Web based automated warranty replacement procedure
  • Patented compatibility with both single and multiple frames

DEVIreg Touch - End user features

  • Fully flexible and intuitive programmer
  • 2” touch display in modern discreet design
  • Shortcut button for frost protection, disable timer, away, and off mode
  • Stop energy waste by: Low stand-by power consumption, Open window detection, Consumption meter, 3rd generation forecast function with optimum start up and shut down
  • Sensor failure monitor
  • Standard compliance
  • EN 60730 certified by SEMKO

DEVIreg 140F1064 Thermostat - Technical Specs

  • Operation voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Standby power consumption: < 400 mW
  • Relay:
    # Resistive load: 16 A/3680 W @ 230V
    # Inductive load: Cos F = 0,3 max. 1 A
  • Sensing unit: DEVI, NTC 15 kOhm at 25°C; Low voltage, galvanic separated from power supply; Compatible with foreign sensors
  • Sensing values:
    # 0°C - 42 kOhm
    # 20°C - 18 kOhm
    # 50°C - 6 kOhm
  • Regulation: PWM – Pulse Wide Modulation
  • Ambient temperature: +5 to +30°C
  • Floor temperature limit: Max. +20 to +35°C (+45°C), Min +10 to +35°C (+45°C)
  • Frost protection: +5°C (+5 to +9°C)
  • Temperature range: 5–35°C (room) or 5–45°C (floor)
  • Lowering in economy: periods 0° to +30°C
  • Storage temperature: -20° to +65°C
  • Battery backup Settings: Forever, Time, date, consumption meter: 24 hours
  • IP rating: IP21 rated thermostat
  • Dimensions (H/W/D) 2-part touch safe construction:
    # Assembled (Design Frame) 85 mm × 85 mm × 44 mm
    # Top part 67 mm × 67 mm × 22 mm
    # Bottom part 67 mm × 67 mm × 22 mm (from wall surface)
  • Do not install floor heating systems without a floor sensor when the heating element is installed on or beneath wooden surfaces and other surfaces sensitive to temperature.

DEVIreg Touch Screen White Thermostat - Installation Guide

  • Note that when the thermostat is used to control floor heating elements in connection to a wooden flooring or similar material, a floor sensor must always be used (included here). The maximum room temperature should never be set above 35 degrees. The installation must be completed to local regulations and standards. It should never be placed in ‘wet zones’, and must be installed outside bathroom zone 2. The thermostat should not be placed on the inner side of a poorly insulated exterior wall, and should always be placed at least 50 cm from windows and doors, due to draft. Do not expose the thermostat to direct sunlight.
  • Place the floor sensor in a conduit in an appropriate place, where it is not exposed to sunlight or draft from door openings. It should be equally distant from the two heating cables by at least 2 cm. Route the conduit to the connection box and ensure the bending radius of the conduit is a minimum of 50 mm.
  • Open the thermostat (make sure not to press on the display screen when removing the front). Press your fingers under the side of the front part and pull towards you. Connect the thermostat according to the attached diagram. The screen of the heating cable must be connected to the earth conductor of the power supply cable by using a separate connector. Install the floor sensor in a conduit in the floor. Mount and reassemble the thermostat: Fasten the thermostat to a socket or exterior wall box by driving the screws through the holes in each side of the thermostat. Place the frame back on and click the display module back into place.
  • Typical areas for installation: Any interior wall that is most convenient and within easy reach.  Areas to be avoided include those exposed to direct sunlight, air vents, your kitchen, hallways, windows and doors.

Model: Danfoss 140F1064, DEVIreg Touch, touchscreen thermostat with a design frame


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