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A special category among the wiring devices are the Lutron Dimmers and the Lutron Dimming Systems. Ranging from a simple wall mounted switch or dimmer to a complex scene control dimming system, the Lutron Dimmers and the Lutron Dimming Systems meet both the simple lighting control needs and the fancy mood-creating lighting control desire. Control the lamp lighting, the ceiling lights, and even the curtains in the room - fully control the lighting in the room to create the desired ambience! Below you have the articles introducing the Lutron Rania, Lutron Solina, Lutron Lyneo, Lutron Grafik Eye, Lutron Grafik QS, and many other Lutron Dimmers and Dimming Systems.

Lutron Wall-Box Dimmers

Lutron Dimming Systems

You can buy online the Lutron Wall-box dimmers and the Lutron Dimming Systems via the Dimming Systems section, or read more about the Lutron Dimmers & Dimming Systems via the Articles about Switches and Sockets.