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1 Gang Kinetic Push Switch in Matt Black IP42 rated 1 Channel Wireless Kinetic Switch

Model No. CUL40032 by: Forum Lighting
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This is the Forum CUL-40032 - One Way Kinetic Switch in Black. It is a 1 Gang Kinetic Push Switch Matt Black IP42 - Culina Konect 40032 Matt Black 1 Channel Wireless Kinetic Switch.

A completely wireless switching system that converts the kinetic energy produced in physically switching the switch into electrical energy to control your lights via a receiver.

The receiver can be placed up to 40m away from the switch when outside, or 15m away when indoors and can be controlled not only by the switches but also by your smartphone or voice-controlled smart speaker.

With single, double and triple switches plus a single switch key fob that connects to one of two different receivers, either dimmable or standard on and off.

1 Gang Kinetic Push Switch in Matt Black Culina Konect - Features

  • Flexible installation, mount anywhere
  • Long lifespan of over 100,000 times
  • IP42 to protect against direct sprays of water up to 15 degrees from the vertical
  • Strong signal up to 40m range outdoors, 15m indoors for plasterboard, 8m indoors for concrete or glass
  • Compatible with mobile and smart speaker control
  • Forum Culina Konect Self-Powered Kinetic Switches & Receivers
  • Distances: Outdoor no barrier 40m Range, Indoor 15m Plasterboard, Indoor Concrete/Glass

Culina Konect 1 Gang Kinetic Push Switch in Matt Black - Specs

  • It is a Kinetic Push Switch - 1 Gang 
  • Finish: Matt Black
  • IP Rating: IP42 rated
  • Dimensions: Height 86mm, Width 86mm, Depth 15mm
  • Power Source: Self-Powered (Kinetic)
  • Radio Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Switching Type: Push Switch
  • It is compatible with mobile and smart speaker control
  • Dimming Type: Push Selected, Only available on 2 Gang Switch
  • Body Material: Polycarbonate
  • Long lifespan of over 100,000 times
  • Transmission Range: Outdoor 150m (no barrier), Indoor 25m (plasterboard; drywall), Indoor 12m (concrete, glass walls), (Range may vary depending on surrounding situation)
  • CE Mark
Switches & Sockets Specific
Finish Black
Gang 1
Insert No Insert
Plate Plastic
Plate Dimensions 86mm x 86mm
Plate Projection / Protrusion 15mm
Style Raised Plate
Type Switch

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Smart Switch System with Wireless Connection - Culina Konect

If you are looking for a smart switch system with wireless connection which can be controlled via an app and via switches, you're in luck: Culina Konect is the solution! Everything in the market nowadays is moving toward smart things - smart lighting, smart lighting control, smart heating control, smart fire alarms, smart thermostat, smart everything. It's time for the switches to be both smart and wireless!What is Culina Konect Self-powered Smart Switch System?You may have never heard of Culina Konect, but this switch system is completely wireless and smart at the same time. Building on the success of their kinetic light switches, Forum Lighting launched the white and black switches plus a handy new key fob with entry-level range of non-wi-fi receivers. The switches convert the kinetic energy produced by physically pressing the switch into electrical energy to control your lights via a receiver. What you need are the receiver and the switch or switches, and you're all set. The receiver comes in a compact design, which means that you can install it almost anywhere. It has a range of up to 40m from the switch when outdoor and 8m away when indoors. If you have one single light fitting, you can install the receiver right there with it, and the switch can be put anywhere you want. The smart switch kit includes a self-powered wall switch and the receiver. After you pair the two by pressing the button on top of the receiver, you can use the wall switch to control the receiver. Of course, the receiver can also work independently. And if you want to use a dimmer, you can do so - there is a dimmer available for wireless installation. How does Culina Konect Smart System work?How does this system work? You need at least two things: a receiver and a switch. The receiver is for each light (if you want to switch or dim an individual light fitting or for each lighting circuit. If you want to control the ceiling fan, you can use the Culina Konect smart system in a similar way - install the receiver with the ceiling fan, and synchronize the switch or switches. The switches do not need to be wired to the mains - they are self-powered, using micro-energy acquisition technology. Each press of the switch is converted to electric energy - kinetic energy is converted to electric energy when the button is pressed. You don't need a battery and you don't need mains power. If you want to dim the LED lights, you need to install the dimming receiver, and if you want to simply switch the LED lights, install the switching receiver. Make sure the receiver is no further than 25m from the switch indoors and 80m outdoors. As for the lifetime of the switch, it can switch ON/OFF at least 100.000 times. Here are the components of the system and where you can purchase them:1 Gang (1 channel) self-powered wall switch in white or black. 2 Gang (2 channel) self-powered wall switch in white or black. 3 Gang (3 channel) self-powered wall switch in white or black. WiFi LED dimmer rated at 1A - with dimming function. WiFi LED On/Off switch rated at 5A in white - with switching function.Wireless transmitter fob in grey. Where can you use the Culina Konect Smart Switching System?The beauty of this smart switching/dimming system is that you can install the receiver with the light fitting/lighting circuit, synchronize it with the switch, switches, or dimmers, and then the switches can be put wherever you want to in the house without "making a hole in the wall". The switches can be free-standing or mounted on the wall, as needed. Here are some scenarios where this smart switching system can help. Buy Konect Smart Switching SystemSwitching ON/OFF the light in the bedroom without getting up from the bed. If you have a wireless Culina Konect switch on the wall, one on your side of the bed, and one on your partner's side of the bed, you're all set. You don't need to get up from the bed to turn on/off the light. And if you have more than one lighting circuit or system in the bedroom, you can sync them to the different switches so that you turn on or off only the lights you require. No need to wire the switches - they connect remotely!Turning ON/OFF the light outdoors without going out. You can install the receiver with the lights or light outside, and the switches can be both outdoors and indoors. And if you want to switch the lights from the shed or other outdoor buildings, simply place a switch there. The IP67 rating of the switches allows you to mount them indoors and outdoors. And you don't have to worry about wiring the switches either indoors or outdoors!Make sure lights are ON or OFF while away, as needed. If you install the wifi-enabled receiver, you can connect via the app or via google assistant and remotely turn off the lights. Even when you're not at home, this remote switching possibility is available via the app. Conclusion: it's time to switch to a Smart Switching SystemIf you want to improve your home or simply desire to make the switching of the lights easier, a smart switching system with a wireless connection and self-powered switches is what you need. And these are available at Sparks for much less than you think. They are a fraction of the price big brands charge for their wireless switching system.No wiring is needed! That's the best bit about this smart switching system, Culina Konect.Buy Smart Switches at Sparks All you need to do is install the receiver with the light, lights, lighting system, or ceiling fan, and sync it with the switch or switches. That's all you need! After pairing the switch/es with the receiver, just place the switch/es where you need it/them. No cables are required. No breaking the wall to sink the switches because you changed your mind about the location of the switch. It may be time to switch to a smart switching system with wireless interconnection!


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