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Lutron Connect Bridge CONNECT-BDG2-3 for Smartphones via Lutron Connect App

Lutron Connect Bridge CONNECT-BDG2-3 for Smartphones via Lutron Connect App

The Lutron Connect Bridge CONNECT-BDG2-3 creates a link between a RadioRA 2 or HomeWorks QS system a..


£323.00 Ex. VAT

Lutron Dimming Interface 5A capacity, GRX-TVI Ten Volt Interface

Lutron Dimming Interface 5A capacity, GRX-TVI Ten Volt Interface

Lets a Control Unit switch and dim fluorescent lights that have Lutron Eco-10TM (TVE Series) Electro..


£125.00 Ex. VAT

Lutron Grafik Eye Non-Plenum Rated Data Cable for Data Network, Price per Metre

Lutron Grafik Eye Non-Plenum Rated Data Cable for Data Network, Price per Metre

This is a low voltage data cable required for data network between Grafik Eye controllers, interface..


as low as £3.19 Ex. VAT

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Where do People Prefer to Install the Lutron Grafik Eye 3000 System?

The Lutron Grafik Eye 3000 is one of the most popular and most affordable single room lighting control solutions, allowing you to create "lighting scenes" as needed! Many businesses use it in a commercial environments like restaurants, bars, pubs, conference venues, meeting rooms, offices, etc. But there are two places where you would have never thought this system can be used, and today we will tell you why. Grafik Eye 3000 - Not Only for Commercial Venues If you love certain lighting scenarios at home and you don't mind investing a little (not much) in it, you will notice that the Grafik Eye 3000 will not empty your bank account. Rather, it will revolutionize the room in your home where you install it. Really! We have several customers who installed this system and they are extremely happy with its settings. Bottom line is, the Lutron Grafik Eye 3000 system is NOT only for businesses or commercial environment - it can also be installed at home, and it will help you adjust the mood and set the atmosphere as you desire! Here's what Lutron says concerning the Domestic Installation of the Grafik Eye 3000, Preset scenes and programmable fade times create a true movie theater experience with smooth transition between lighting scenes. GRAFIK Eye 3000 integrates with audio/video, home automation systems, controllable shades, and projection screens available from other manufacturers. Two Places You Never Thought You Could Install Grafik Eye 3000 We asked our consultants over the counter in our showroom, What are Two Rooms at Home that People Install the Grafik Eye 3000 in? Without a pause to think about it, they all confirmed - the living room and the kitchen! It makes perfect sense, doesn't it? When you are cooking, you need a certain kind of light in the kitchen, and when you're eating around the table or just reading something, you need a different setting. In a similar way, in the living room you do NOT need all the lights on at the same time, and turning some ON while making sure others are OFF is such a pain! Why not set some scenes like: watching a movie scene, reading a book scene, guests scene, etc...? Grafik Eye 3000 can create a dramatic environment while drastically reducing the energy expenses in your own kitchen or living room! How does this System Work? Full technical specs and details about how to install and set up the Lutron Grafik Eye 3000 can be found online at Sparks, but in brief, you can create certain scenes both for your room or for a whole house lighting system. You can create paths of lights from one principle living space to another, set up different lighting for food preparation or evening dining for two, etc at the touch of a button on the main control panel, which switches to the set up scene. You can define and preset the lighting scenes for multiple uses - in a very simple way! Then, you can control all the lights in the room (or the house) without remembering the settings - either at the click of a button or via the wireless infrared remote control. Tip: The most recommended systems are the 2 zone or 4 zone Grafik Eye 3000 - check them out! Where do You prefer to install the Grafik Eye 3000 System? Or, where Will You Install it after you Buy it? Let us know in the comments. Pictures credit: Lutron site here and here.