Aico EI1000G SmartLINK Gateway for use with Aico RF Alarms to Monitor Events of RF Alarms

Model No. EI1000G by: Aico
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The Aico SmartLINK Gateway is designed for use with the Aico RF devices - smoke alarms, heat alarms, and Carbon Monoxide alarms. It provides a mechanism to transfer information from the RF network to a portal over the GSM network. 

Please note: this item is non-returnable; due to the nature of this item, it has an electronic component and sensor, and we cannot take this item back for a refund as "unwanted".

It is mains powered with a rechargeable battery backup that can provide up to 72hrs of power supply in case of mains failure. 

Connected devices’ events are processed by the Gateway as they occur and cover events (Reportable events are model dependant) such as: Fire Alarm, CO level detected (High, Medium, Low), Button Test, Mains Absent Fault, Head OK, Head Removed, End of life.

To ensure the safety of the data, it is encrypted in both directions during transmission using AES128 encryption. 

In addition, for ease of installation, the SmartLINK App provides a step by step guide for the installation of the Gateway and the Aico RF devices.

All data sent is accessible from a web portal where alerts can be set up to be delivered by email or SMS. Reports can also be run from the web portal to facilitate the management of the Alarms fitted.

The data on the portal is securely stored and is only available to the associated client.

Aico EI1000G SmartLINK Gateway - Features and Benefits

  • It enables remote management of RF Alarms, and it receives RF specific data from RF devices
  • It transmits data over GSM network, but it is not GSM provider dependent
  • It has a bidirectional data encryption and a unique House Coding feature
  • It is easy to setup and configure, and it is compatible with SmartLINK & RadioLINK+
  • Say goodbye to manual checks and spreadsheets: Not to mention access issues. Because the innovative Ei1000G uses SmartLINK technology to link every alarm in a property to give you the full picture via an online portal, using any device.
  • Track alarm performance in real-time: The system constantly monitors every linked alarm, giving you real-time updates with notifications sent by email or text if any issues occur – or if an alarm is about to breach legislation (for example because of its age).
  • Easy-to-use dashboard format: The collated data is presented in a simple configurable format which allows you to drill deeper into the detail using various reporting tools to get to the heart of your properties’ fire and carbon monoxide alarm performance.
  • Forecast replacement and maintenance: These reporting tools not only allow you to check on events, but also to accurately forecast alarm replacement and maintenance.
  • Identify trends in alarm notifications: Alarm notification trends will also help to highlight other potential problems – for example if a Carbon Monoxide alarm is regularly activated early in the morning, it could point to an issue with the heating system.
  • Easy installation, reliable connection: Rather than Ethernet cabling or Wi-Fi, the Ei1000G uses the best mobile connection combined with SmartLINK wireless interconnection technology – making installation simple and giving you the most reliable alarm management system available.
  • Add in SmartLINK compatible devices for a fully cloud connected system: Simply plug in the Aico Ei3000MRF SmartLINK modules for wireless interconnection between Alarms and communication with theEi1000G SmartLINK Gateway. Then, install the Gateway to provide communication to the SmartLINK Cloud Portal. Finally, set up the Cloud portal to deliver Live monitoring of connected SmartLINK Alarm systems, Details of system installations, Notifications of Alarm activations and system events via alert, text message or e-mail Setup.

Aico Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway - Technical Specs

  • Product Life: 5 years
  • Supply Voltage: 230V AC, 50Hz
  • Battery back-up: Rechargeable battery
  • Power consumption: 40mA
  • RF frequency: 868MHz band (1% duty cycle)
  • RF Range: > 100 Metres in free air 1
  • RF Protocol type: Mesh architecture
  • RF Protocol: SmartLINK
  • RF System size: Up to 12 RF devices 2
  • Data upload: via 2G GSM network (Roaming SIM card supplied)
  • Modem: Quad-Band GPRS modem
  • Data storage: Cloud based
  • Indicators: Green LED - Power, Blue LED - RF communication, Yellow LED - GSM communication
  • Normal Operating and Storage Temperature Range: -10°C to 40°C 3
  • Normal Operating and Storage Humidity Range: 15 % to 95 % Relative Humidity 3 (non-condensing)
  • Dimensions: 150mm x 145mm x 55mm
  • Weight: 550g.
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Approvals: Compliant with Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU. CE Mark. 

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