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Energy Saving Bargain: Remotely Dim your lights with the Varilight Remote Controlled Dimmer Pack

  2010-11-11         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
We're all used to have the classical push on/off switches and switched sockets, but at the same time, more and more prevailingly, there's a lot of other smarter switching devices like: remote controlled dimmers and switches, presence detection switches, touch on/off switches, touch dimmers, etc. Today we would like to make you aware of

The Best Deal - the Varilight Dimmer Pack for dimming / switching your lights

for as low as £16.15 + VAT you can install a great energy saving and comfortable solution for up to 400W lights / devices! This is the Cheapest Remote Dimming Solution for home - from Varilight, high quality British-made intelligent dimmers!

The Cheaper Varilight Remote Controlled Dimmer Pack

This bargain dimming pack from Sparks Electrical Wholesalers is composed of:
  • The Varilight Matt Chrome 400W 1 Gang 1-Way Remote and Touch Controlled Master Intelligent Dimmer Switch - the Varilight ISI401. This is a Matt chrome infrared dimmer 400W 1 Gang 1-Way - can be 2-Way or Multi-Way with Slave/s. The touch and remote control dimmer can be controlled via the touch button on the dimmer or using your remote control handset. If you have a spare button on a remote control at home you can teach the dimmer to respond to that instead. For 2-way or multi-way circuits (where the light(s) are controlled by more than one switch) use this dimmer and any number of VARLIGHT dimming slaves. Suitable for GLS or Mains Halogen lamps at full rating and LV electronic transformers. Do not use with wire-wound transformers. Note: this intelligent dimmer for wall mounting can be remote controlled.
  • Varilight 8 Button Remote Control - the Varilight YRC8 The Varilight IQ Master Remote / Touch Dimmers are designed to learn from and work with most existing remote controllers. However should you need a dedicated new remote this is a nice low cost option. Especially for the above device, the single 400W 1 Gang 1-Way Remote/Touch Controlled Master Intelligent Dimmer Switch - the Varilight ISI401 - this remote control is the ideal solution! Bonus: this remote control can be used with up to 8 Varilight dimmers!
The Bottom Line: get an energy saving remotely controlled dimmer pack from Varilight for less than anywhere else - the Varilight single remote controllable dimmer ISI401 + the Varilight remote control YRC8 for as low as £16.15 + VAT!
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