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energy saving lights, presence detectors PIR lights, for the future of our environment

  2009-11-11         admin         Product News » Lighting News,   Fire and Security News
It is a fact known by all that the pole caps are melting, sea levels are rising, freak storms are getting worse and increasing in frequency – and all these are a consequence of the increased CO2 emissions. The manufacturers/brands we distribute are aware of these changes and, with the extensive range of energy management solutions (photocells, timers and thermostats, presence detectors, time lag switches, etc), and the use of energy-saving bulbs in lights and heating regulators, is contributing to helping reduce CO2 emissions and protect resources. When you are saving energy with these energy management solutions, you also have a large cost reduction and an environmental protection in place.
Energy savings = cost reduction + environmental protection

Light is essential to life - it is both a source of energy and the elixir of everything living. Energy is precious which is why saving it also means protecting the climate and environment and conserving resources to save the place in which we live.

With the aim of satisfying demands for a clean environment, more and more products have been developed to contribute to the optimum light and heat management in accordance with requirements and that comply with the latest environmental-protection guidelines and directives issued by the European Union. We can have and use the electrical home/office appliances/fixtures, but we also have to thing about the future of our children! Read more below about the outdoor presence detectors and the indoor presence detectors.

An intelligent home is a home where light is by movement - turn on the light when it's needed.

Outdoor Presence Detectors, Energy Saving Lights

The outdoor movement detectors are fully equipped with the up-to-date PIR technology and operate by detecting moving sources of heat using infrared technology and by activating / deactivating lamps depending on ambient light conditions. It is recommended that the Outdoor PIRs are used for outdoor lamps mounted on houses - these fittings are particularly good for saving energy, reducing costs and providing maximum security. Turn on the light outside only when it is needed - when someone is around!
The presence detectors are motion sensors with a detection angle of 360° that have been designed for installation in ceilings and indoor use and that regulate overall brightness by measuring different sources of light (natural or artificial).

Indoor Presence Detectors, Energy Saving Lights

Both in the management of light as well as in building control tasks, presence detectors can contribute to achieving considerable energy savings: installed presence detectors switch on lamps, heating and ventilation turn these devices/accessories on only when they are actually needed. They also incorporate the available daylight into the general lighting and thus also utilize natural resources.

The full range of  indoor presence detectors includes presence detectors for all BUS applications(energy saving solution - save more than money with the indoor PIRs). The new digital detectors from B.E.G. - the PD2, the PD4 and the PD9 series - which are successors to the analogue presence detectors with dimming function, permit users to control both DSI and DALI electronic ballast systems. Buy online occupancy detectors and presence detectors.

Let us work together to reduce the energy consumption. We are convinced we can make a difference in this - that's why we keep writing about the Energy Saving solutions: