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Energy Saving Mini-Occupancy Detector - the coin-size Luxomat PD9 can be either ceiling mounted or built directly into lamps

  2010-11-12         admin         Product News » Switches and Sockets News
Have you ever seen an occupancy detector that is the size of a small coin? If not, the Luxomat PD9 is one of those mini-occupancy detectors that besides being mounted on the ceiling or directly built into the lamp! If you were to measure it, the PD9 Luxomat Occupancy Detector is the size of a coin! The connection of the PIR sensor and the power supply is done by a telephone plug RJ11 and a 50 cm cable(max). The PD9 is part of the range of Luxomat Energy Saving Single Channel Occupancy Detectors(flush fittings or surface mounted).

Detecting a circular area, the mini-occupancy detector LUXOMAT PD9-1C-FC can ceiling mounted or directly built in lamps. In spite of the small dimensions of the Luxomat PD9 occupancy detector, it is noticeable that it switches all types of light fixtures using high performance relay with in rush current limitation especially for electronic ballasts! As for the actual light level, the BEG Luxomat PD9 has an automatic reading of the actual light level, and the semi-automatic and full-automatic mode and switching are selectable by remote control, push button function. The power supply fits through the hole for sensor part in the ceiling (Ø 32 mm). No junction is needed for the parallel operation of several occupancy sensors PD9 since slave operation possible.

Luxomat Mini-Occupancy Detector PD9 Technical Details

  • Manual adjustments of lux and timer;
  • Detection area: circular 360°;
  • Recommended fixing height: 2 - 3 m;
  • Range (Ø) H=2,5m/T=18°C in m: seated 5 /walking across 10 /walking towards 6;
  • Power voltage: 230V~ + 6%/-10%;
  • Light control: mixed light (daylight + artificial light);
  • Power consumption: < 1W;
  • Ambient temperature: -25°C / +50°C;
  • Protection degree: IP20 rated, class II electrical, CE;
  • Separate input terminal for push button;
  • 1 switching channel;
  • Small compact design;
  • Remote control included;
  • Constant light control with the dim-version;
  • Finish: White finish;
  • More about the Luxomat Energy Saving Single Channel Occupancy Detectors(flush fittings or surface mounted);
  • If you intend to install the PD9 Luxomat Detector, consult these wiring diagrams(pdf file);
  • Buy online the Luxomat PD9 Mini-Occupancy Detector.
This particular occupancy detector - the Luxomat PD9 - stands out as being TINY yet PERFORMANT to the max! If you need a space-saving unobtrusive small occupancy detector for either ceiling mounting or fitted in the lamp - with the possibility of being controlled by remote control, then the Mini-Occupancy Detector Luxomat PD9 is the perfect solution(part of the Luxomat Energy Saving Single Channel Occupancy Detectors)!