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10 Metres CCTV Camera Cable (Dual Function: BNC and Power)

10 Metres CCTV Camera Cable (Dual Function: BNC and Power)

This is an accessory for the ESP DigiView cameras; CAB10 - 10 metres cable; Manufacturer: ES..

Model: CAB10

£10.83 Ex. VAT

40 Metres CCTV Camera Cable (Dual Function: BNC and Power)

40 Metres CCTV Camera Cable (Dual Function: BNC and Power)

This is an accessory for the ESP DigiView cameras; CAB40 - 40 metres cable; Manufacturer: ES..

Model: CAB40

£36.54 Ex. VAT

BNC Line Coupler, Socket to Socket, 50 Ohms

BNC Line Coupler, Socket to Socket, 50 Ohms

This is a coupler BNC socket to socket, 50 ohms.  Picture is informative. ..


£1.20 Ex. VAT

20m CCTV plug and play BNC cable, video and power cable

20m CCTV plug and play BNC cable, video and power cable

This is a 20m Plug & Play BNC Video and Power Cable, designed to carry the video signal and powe..

Model: CAB20

£18.95 Ex. VAT

Black Wire Cage Guard Grill 250mm x 200mm x 250mm for Protecting CCTV Cameras, and Lights

Black Wire Cage Guard Grill 250mm x 200mm x 250mm for Protecting CCTV Cameras, and Lights

This is a Cage Guard Height 250mm x Width 200mm x Depth 250mm for Protecting CCTV Cameras, and Light..

Model: CAGE1

£34.16 Ex. VAT

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ESP AlertCam: Where do People Use this PIR Detector with Integral CCTV Camera?

We are pretty sure that by now you have already heard of the amazing ESP AlertCam, a stand alone weatherproof light switching PIR detector with integral CCTV camera (coming with built in video recording device). When it is properly sited and installed, this PIR can switch on up to 500W of lighting (flood lights, outdoor lights, etc) directly, and it can store clear still color images (rate: 2 shots per seconds, for 20 seconds). The question is, Where Do People Use ESP AlertCam?Note: this item is discontinued and is no longer available at Sparks. Here is our current offering in this section. Where Can We Use ESP AlertCam?The ESP AlerCam Outdoor PIR with images taking and storing capability is ideal for many outdoor applications. You can use it in the driveway (especially if you are not expecting a lot of cars), in the back garden (to make sure people are not intruding or if they try, they will be recorded), in forecourts, etc. Among the more peculiar uses can be in yards and farms, where you don't usually go during the night, so that it would monitor the intrusion at night. Most popular uses of this external PIR camera with RF controlled light and alarm activation is at the front door, around the garage, in the car park, around the manor house, etc. What Does the ALERCAM PIR Do? When the passive infrared sensor detects intrusion in its perimeter, it will internally switch on up to 500W lighting, it will commence still image recording with time and date stamp, and it will send a wireless trigger signal to any number of remote chime / alarm units (if you set it up this way). The PIR detection is of 10m at an angle of 160deg (adjustable), and the camera has a resolution of 640 x 480. The pictures are stored on a SD card of up to 2GB (thousands of images in JPEG format). Whenever the alarm is triggered, you can then use the micro B type USB2 interface to download the images and detect who is intruding. Also: Part of the ESP GuardCam SystemThe AlertCam PIR can also be used in the complete ESP GuardCam LED system (a simple, cost-effective all-in-one security system). Or, if you so desire, you can use it only by itself and install other LED flood lights / outdoor lights to work with it. It's up to you. We only suggest and give you some options. To purchase the ESP AlertCam PIR Detector with Integral CCTV Camera please visit the LED Lighting section on our website.

Methods of Vandal Proofing: Tough Construction, Extreme Protection

The Vandals were, originally, an ancient Germanic tribe responsible for the sack of Rome in 455. Modern thought suggests that the Vandals might not have been all that destructive after all, or at least no more so than other invasion forces at the time - but the name remains in our vocabulary. Modern vandals are those people who would destroy or spoil living spaces, so in many cases, manufacturers have risen to the challenge and attempted to make vandal-proof fittings. The technology within gets better and better, but the general principles tend not to change. Vandal Proofing Strong, shatterproof materials are often used in vandal-proofing - polycarbonates are in particular rife. These materials are easily worked, molded and thermoformed to the purpose, used both as body and diffuser in light fittings. This is a recent technology, and the chemical compounds tend to be trademarked. Elsewhere, tough metal construction is in favor, die-cast aluminum especially. The injection-molding process that makes these materials casts incredible tensile strength so whatever it is that's made with diecast aluminum can't be broken easily. It also has the aesthetic side-outcome of a particularly smooth finish. This is all well and good for fittings that can be torn and pulled apart, but what about the walls a luminaire sits on, or the surface-mounted door entry buzzer? Either the mounting bracket will be especially strong, or it will be flush mounted. ATMs are constructed so that they cannot easily be removed from the wall; vandal-resistant entry systems like ESP's offering follow this principle. Whether or not a small-V vandal can get their fingers around it, thick housing is in effect, and often an impact guard will be present too, like these strong bulkhead lights. Where are Vandal-Proof Fittings Used? Generally, these items are intended for "public service," that is, they are intended to be in the eye line of the general public and so appealing to vandals who are generally bored teenagers and disgruntled adults. Security cameras are probably the electrical items best suited for vandal-proofing, for fairly obvious reasons. But there are also light fittings for public spaces, usually outdoors for car parks and so on, but also for schools and parks. There aren't a great many vandal-proof items in our store, but there are more than enough to suit the needs of the everyday contractor. Should we offer more? Your opinions are more than welcomed in the comments. Header image by nolifebeforecoffee (Creative Commons)