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BPT Power Supply for X1/X IP Door Entry Systems, Panels, Handsets, and the XTS Monitor

BPT Power Supply for X1/X IP Door Entry Systems, Panels, Handsets, and the XTS Monitor

This is the Came BPT audio entry system and/or supplementary power module for X1/X IP systems with a..

Model: VAS/101

£80.60 Ex. VAT

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Time to Upgrade to a Video Door Entry System with iPhone / Android Support!

Long gone are the times when all we know about our visitors at the door is their voice. It is now the age of video door entry systems, where you can see and talk to your visitors whether in an HMO, a house, or a flat. Why do you have to let someone in when you're not sure he's your friend or someone else, since you hear only a muffled voice? Now you know who you buzz in, and you can get yourself and the house ready for guests. And BPT recently came out with an amazing solution to check who's at the door via your iPhone, iPad, or Android device! Time to Upgrade Your Door Entry System! Not only the light bulbs are having an upgrade by decreasing their wattage, increasing the luminosity and the energy saving, and leaning more toward the LED lights, but the door entry system also needs an upgrade! It's time to upgrade to a video door entry system that allows you to manage it directly from your mobile device inside your own home. This new kit from BPT, the Kit App, is a new idea for managing the video entry functions from inside your own home directly from your mobile device. Put the technology to work for you - why won't you be able to check who's at the door from your iPhone or Android device? The people at BPT have implemented VoIP technology to communicate between devices and allow you to use with easy settings the XIP mobile app for your smartphone.Upgraded Door Entry System at Sparks Customizable Door Entry System with Video This new system uses the local area network together with an outdoor panel (usually a Thangram entry panel), a video receiver with a handset (ranging from the Agata monitor complete with handset, to 3.5" Perla and Opale hands-free monitors, including the 4.3" Opale Wide monitor), and the gateway plus the power supply. The system is completely customizable, allowing you to choose the style and finish of the monitor. Check out how these video monitors look like below. Besides seeing the person at the door via the wall-mounted video panel, you can set up the system in such a way that you can view the visitors from your iPhone, iPad, and any smartphone that uses Android. How cool is that? You don't have to run to the door or to where the video door entry panel is installed - you are notified on your smartphone and you can buzz people in at any time! Or, if you so wish, you can have a nice conversation with your guests before you let them in. As to the technical side, this is a "plug and play" system, easy to install and set up, it is expandable, it can be managed by up to 3 mobile devices inside the home, and it is available with all the BPT X1 receivers! You can see all these new video door entry systems with mobile support for domestic or office use at the Door Entry Systems category on our website. Video presentation and elaborate PDF files with instructions and installations coming soon!