Total Connect Box Premium Kit - Wireless Self-Monitored Security System with TC Box Panel, Keypad, 3x PIRs, Door Contact, SMS notification, 4 Tags, and External Bell Box, Honeywell KIT-TCBOX-C

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The Honeywell KIT-TCBOX-C Total Connect Box is the starter kit coming complete with the Total Connect box panel, 1x keypad, 3x PIR, 1x door contact, SMS notification, 4 proximity tags, and 1x External Bell Box. It provides the possibility of self-monitoring security and customisable maintenance services.

  • The quality of its radio transmission (over 2km in open field) is designed to give maximum protection against interference, and the exceptional independent operation of its peripherals (4 years on average) guarantees long-lasting reliability offering the user complete peace of mind. This reliability also means that the installer does not have to make repeated site
  • maintenance visits. Its ease of use avoids any operating errors.
  • For installers, Total Connect Box greatly increases the speed and quality of their installations: All the peripherals in the range are linked by radio, so no cables are needed to connect to the alarm panel, resulting in major timesaving and no disturbance to the decor of the installation site.
  • The main panel is operated via a keyfob or a keypad. Using Honeywell Home Total Connect 2.0E web application, the user can also control the system remotely. Total Connect Box has a built-in Ethernet interface or Wi-Fi allowing IP connection to the Internet Box to communicate with the CMS or the Cloud. A GPRS module is also included to act as a backup network of the Ethernet connection in case of Internet connection trouble.
  • Total Connect Box is also one of the components in a security chain that is unique in its field. When connected to an ARC fitted with remote Total Connect Box reception and management systems, its installation is remarkably quick and easy.
  • Thanks to the equipment’s remote programming and remote automated test and maintenance functions, management of each site can be optimised remotely, resulting in major savings in the management and maintenance of the installed stock.
  • Total Connect Box’s Smartplug easily adds home automation functions (e.g. lighting or heating management with scheduling) to the site’s security which can be triggered by one function of the system (ie: alarm, arming/disarming) by a keyfob or with Honeywell Total Connect 2.0E.
  • The Total Connect Box alarm panel is DD243:2004 - BS8243:2010, EN50131-3:2009, EN50131-6:2008 and EN50131-5-3:2005/A1 Grade 2 & Environmental Class II certified and NF&A2P 2 shields approved.

Total Connect Box - Features

  • Remote Integrated wireless security system
  • 2-way 868MHz radio transmission with adaptive radio jamming detection
  • Up to 32 wireless peripherals per installation
  • Alarm transmitted over GPRS, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • Transmission of images captured by infrared detectors with built-in cameras from the Total Connect Box range
  • Home automation applications with up to 8 Smart plugs
  • 3 security areas (main area, perimeter, annex)

Honeywell KIT-TCBOX-C - Total Connect Box Premium Kit

  • 1 x Honeywell HM18EU-STD8EG (TC Box)
  • 1 x Honeywell GKP-S8M (Keypad)
  • 3 x Honeywell IRPI8M (PIR)
  • 1 x Honeywell DO8M (Contact)
  • 1 x Honeywell HCS-SMS-2Y (SMS Notification)
  • 1 x Honeywell TAG4 (Pack of 4 tags)
  • 1 x Honeywell SEF8M (External bell box)

Total Connect Pro Manager: Installation and maintenance tool for Total Connect Box panels

Total Connect Pro Manager is a web based maintenance tool offering installers a cloud solution to remotely manage all the Total Connect Box panels he has installed. The SEF8M offers reduced
operating costs due to its four year battery life, its integrated spirit level and low battery indication With Total Connect Pro Manager, wherever he is, the installer gets remote access from a Smartphone, tablet or computer to all the Total Connect Box panels he has installed for maintenance, configuration and diagnostics.

  • Installation of the panel, registration of devices
  • Dashboard page: info of all panels associated to the company
  • Remote setting of panel parameters
  • Remote setting of peripheral parameters
  • Remote panel diagnosis automatic or on-demand
  • Remote access to panel logs
  • Remote status of all installed panels

Total Connect 2.0E - end user app

  • For intrusion, smoke, CO, panic alerts, low battery, mains power failure, auto-diagnosis failure, the end-user can receive email notifications.
  • The end-user will easily know if the system is armed or disarmed and amend if needed.
  • Images can be triggered by the end-user, stored in the cloud and replayed, including images triggered by an alarm event.
  • The event log of the system can be displayed to the end-user.
  • The temperature of the room where the PIRs are installed is transferred to the cloud; the end-user is able to monitor live temperature remotely.

Honeywell HMI8EU-STD8EG - Self/PRO Monitored Certified Panel for PRO Installers

  • The Honeywell Total Connect Box is an ideal solution for installers who want to sell self-monitored systems with remote maintenance in the residential market. When an alarm occurs, the user receives an email, a text message or a voice notification. Without signaling LEDs or a built-in siren, Honeywell Total Connect Box offers a compact, secure system that can be discreetly installed around the home. With a choice of both Ethernet and GPRS communicators, as well as an optional Wi-Fi module, installers can design the perfect installation for their customers that won’t impact their decor.
  • Integrated wireless security system
  • 2-way 868MHz radio with adaptive radio jamming detection
  • Up to 32 wireless peripherals per installation
  • Alarm transmitted over GSM/GPRS, Ethernet
  • Radio range covering up to 2000 meters in open field
  • Transmission of images captured by CAMIR detectors
  • Compatible with almost all existing alarm receivers
  • Works with Total Connect Pro Manager installation and maintenance tool
  • Home automation applications with up to 8 Smart plugs
  • 3 security areas (main area, perimeter, annex)
  • 2 extension slots (for Wifi optional module)

Honeywell GKP-S8M Wireless keypad with TAG Reader and Siren

  • The Honeywell GKP-S8M wireless LED keypad, with sounder and TAG reader, is designed with the user in mind. Its large keys offer simple code entering with push button sound.
  • It can take up to 10 users (code or TAG)
  • It has a Piezo sounder (>92dB, Intrusion/Fire sirens)
  • Lighted keys when entry delay is triggered
  • 4 LEDs
  • Full, partial or annex area setting
  • Home automation control keys
  • It is a keypad with integrated proximity reader
  • Dimensions: 175.5 x 112.5 x 25 mm (h x w x d)

Honeywell IRPI8M Wireless Motion Sensor PIR

  • The Honeywell IRPI8M features selectable pet immunity, providing incredible convenience. Choose from the high security nonpet setting, the intermediate 18 kg, setting or the robust 36 kg, set- ting-all in one sleek, easy-to install unit.
  • 11m x 12m detection range
  • Selectable Pet Immunity (0, 18 or 36Kg)
  • Front & Rear Tampers
  • Battery Life > 4.5 years
  • 10 minute Auto test with active LED
  • Advanced Temperature Compensation
  • Selectable Pulse Count and Sensitivity
  • Bi-Directional RF communications
  • Colour: White
  • Dimensions: 112mm x 60mm x 40mm

Honeywell DO8M Wireless magnetic door contact (white)

  • The Honeywell DO8M is a wireless magnetic door contact and form a part of the wireless peripherals Total Connect Box range. Thanks to a range of over 2000m in free field, they can be installed on traditional construction sites without restriction. The use of a special radio band provides increased resistance to interference and peripherals monitoring and increases the security of the system throughout its lifetime.
  • Detection distance: 22mm on wood, 16mm on steel
  • Cover and wall mounted tamper detection
  • Battery life > 5 years typical
  • Radio range up to 2000m in open area
  • Colour: White

Honeywell HCS-SMS-2Y - Optional Text message + voice notifications service

TAG4 - Four Proximity Tags

  • This is a pack of four proximity tags - yellow, red, blue, and black
  • Dimensions: 47mm x 30mm x 3mm

Honeywell SEF8M - Wireless outdoor siren / strobe light

For wireless intruder systems that require external audible alarm communications, the Honeywell SEF8M external siren provides the solution. The strobe light activates as soon as the siren is triggered, helping to identify the property and speed up response time. The SEF8M offers reduced operating costs due to its four year battery life, its integrated spirit level and low battery indication.

This external siren also benefits from the same state-of-the-art radio technology used across our wireless product range and also complies to EN50131-4 and EN50131-5-3 Grade 2. To meet the varying needs of different installation environments, the SEF8M offers eight different output levels plus a sweep mode.

To further accommodate local requirements, the cut-off timer can be set between 1 and 240 seconds. Last but not least, to support the range, the SEF8M has three different lens colour options and a dummy version with or without LED is also available.

  • Siren Output Level: 103dB @ 1m
  • Strobe light frequency : 1Hz
  • Radio range up to 2000m in open area
  • The SEF8M is compatible with Le Sucre™ and Domonial panels using V2 or ALPHA protocol.
  • Output level: Selectable from 0 to 7 plus sweep mode
  • Easy installation: Mounting and leveling an external siren can prove tricky while positioned up a high ladder, so the SEF8M comes with an integral spirit level
  • Supervised 2-way communication: Honeywell’s state-ofthe-art radio technology provides an extended range and high immunity to external noise. It is also extremely secure with its anti-jamming functionality, encrypted communication and 28bit unique product identification. It is compatible with both ALPHA and V2GY protocols which it automatically selects
  • Certified for Grade 2 security installations: This siren conforms to PD6662 EN50131-5-3 & EN 50131-4 Security Grade 2, so can be used in Grade 2 security installations
  • Complete portfolio: Covering all scenarios, the range consists of three different lens colours (amber, red and blue) and also offers dummy versions with or without LED
  • Strong deterrent: The output sound level of 103 dB ensures that any prospective intruder is clearly informed that the surrounding environment is alerted to the potential intrusion
  • Improved Aesthetics: Attractive cover design with different strobe flash colours available
  • Cut-off Timers (strobe and sounder): 1s to 240s
  • Battery Life 4 years
  • Tamper Rear and Case tamper
  • Lens Colour Orange (supplied), Red or Blue (optional)
  • Dimensions: 240mm x 330mm x 73 mm

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