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IP55 1.5kW Patio Heater in Black, Weather Resistant Frosted Halogen Garden Heater BN Thermic HWP2

Model No. HWP2 by: BN Thermic
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This is the BN Thermic HWP2-B black patio heater, a 1.5KW IP55 rated halogen heater ideal for both indoor and outdoor heating.

The HWP2 halogen heater provides safe and instant warmth in a variety of outdoor environments. It is a garden heater made by BN Thermic and available via Sparks. An excellent outdoor heater available for online ordering.

The BN Thermic HWP patio heaters are an elegant and efficient way of providing instant, comforting heat in either outdoor or indoor locations. The relatively small size of the black HWP2 1.5kW heater means you are bound to find the perfect spot to place it, and leave it, with your mind at ease - it is weather resilient after all!

The HWP2-B from BN Thermic is a versatile exterior heater that is suitable for a wide multitude of applications. As they are IP55 rated they are virtually weather-proof; once they are installed they may be left outside throughout the course of the entire year. 

They are constructed of aluminium and have a stainless steel safety grille, and are also supplied with a prime-quality replaceable halogen lamp with an operating lifespan of 7000 hours. The open front design means the heaters are extra efficient went switched on during a particularly cold day to provide some welcome warmth. 

All patio heaters in this range include a wall mounting bracket and parasol clamp: just in case you want to make sure they don’t blow away in the wind! 

The HWP2 Patio Heater from BN Thermic is well suited for both domestic and commercial uses, including pub gardens, pavement cafes and even golf driving ranges: the range of locations you can use them in is virtually limitless. 

IP55 1.5kW Patio Heater in Black 

  • Dimensions: 480mm (length) x 125mm (height) x 125mm (depth); minimum mounting height: 1.8m. 
  • In an exposed location and where mounting height is relatively high, it is recommended to install a heater like the HWP2, the 2kW patio heater. 
  • When this Patio Heater is wall mounted at 2m height, it covers an area of 2.3m bottom width x 2.4m length x 4.0m far width, a total area of 7.6 square metres. 
  • When this Patio Heater is wall mounted at 2.5m height, it covers an area of 3.0m bottom width x 3.0m length x 5.2m far width, a total area of 12.3 square metres. 
  • If the patio heater is overhead mounted at 2.0m, it covers an area of 3.6m width x 3.6m length, a total area of 9.0 square metres. 
  • If the patio heater is overhead mounted at 2.5m, it covers an area of 4.8m width x 3.5m length, a total area of 16.8 square metres. 

BN Thermic Black Patio Heater - Features and Benefits 

  • Providing safe, instant comfort heat in outdoor locations
  • Ensures the maximum use of outdoor facilities
  • Minimal maintenance especially when compared to gas systems
  • Low running costs by selecting from a range of control options
  • Smart modern design complementing external decor
  • The HWP patio heaters are a stylish means of providing comfort heat in outdoor or indoor locations
  • Professional quality patio heaters suitable for both domestic and commercial applications including pub gardens, pavement cafes and golf driving ranges
  • Completely safe to install and leave outdoors all year round
  • Shortwave Technology: HWP heaters utilise shortwave technology to provide direct heat to people without the need to warm the surrounding air.  Shortwave energy cannot be blown off course by a breeze making it suitable for outdoor use.
  • Halogen Lamp: The high quality infrared halogen lamp produces shortwave radiant energy that can pass through the air with virtually no losses until it is experienced as warmth by people entering its target area. The lamp will be 100% effective the instant it is switched on.
  • Light intensity reduced for lower height installations
  • IP55 rating: Completely safe to install and leave in outdoor locations
  • Long lamp life: An average lamp life of 7000 hours operation means minimal ‘down time’ and a corresponding saving in the cost of spare lamps
  • Precision parabolic reflector: The highly polished and precision designed parabolic reflector efficiently focuses the shortwave energy at the target area ensuring maximum benefit from every kW consumed
  • Safety Guard: Prevents accidental contact with the heat lamp.
  • Mounting bracket and suspension lugs provided: A choice of mounting systems allows the heaters to be positioned exactly as required to focus output precisely on the target area.  The brackets allow ‘up and down’ adjustment.

How do the Patio Heaters work?

BN Thermic HWP patio heaters use quartz heat lamps to produce shortwave energy.  This energy is directed at the required target area by a precision designed parabolic reflector.  Shortwave energy moves in straight lines from the reflector to the target area without heating the air in between.  However once the energy is absorbed by solid bodies, which could be objects or people, it is experienced as heat.  Shortwave energy cannot be blown off course by breezes and draughts making it ideally suited to outdoor use.

The HWP patio heaters are supplied with adjustable brackets for wall mounting.  Alternatively the heaters can be suspended using wires or chains.  As the BN Thermic HWP patio heaters are 100% effective the instant they are switched on, there is no need to pre-warm an area.  For this reason it is a good idea to use control devices that ensure that an occupied area is not heated.  Typically these would be time delay switches or movement sensors.  See the ‘controls’ tab for full details of the BN Thermic range of patio heater controls

Black Patio Heater - Technical Specifications

  • Finish: Epoxy polyester powder coating
  • Lamp: Frosted halogen lamp (1.5kW heaters)
  • Construction: Aluminium case, Electro anodised aluminium press-formed parabolic reflector, Stainless steel safety guard
  • Mounting: Steel wall bracket providing ‘up and down’ angle adjustment, Lugs for suspension
  • Ingress protection: IP55 rated patio heater
  • Electrical connections: 3m high temperature cable fitted to all heaters
  • Guarantee: 1 year
  • Wattage: 1.5KW, 230V/1
  • Finish: black
  • Dimensions: 480mm length, 125mm depth, 125mm height
  • Weight: 1.7Kg
  • Lamp used: 1500W, horizontal burning, 440mm length, frosted diffuser, double insulated, 375mm lead length, Plain Ferrule terminals. 

Note: Some images and pictures are for reference only. The item may differ from the image/picture due to manufacturer's change. Should you require the exact item in the picture, please call or email us to enquire.

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Halogen Heaters and Infrared Heaters for Heating Small or Large Outdoor Places

Outdoor heating brings a welcome and effective heating system to commercial and dining premises. Cafes, pubs and restaurants have all seen benefits in terms of increased income generated by customers who enjoy an ‘alfresco’ experience. It is well-established that halogen and infrared (IR) methods of heating are ideal for these kinds of environments. Halogen heaters produce radiant, shortwave energy which heats people directly without the need to warm the surrounding air. This, of course, saves a huge amount of money when you are looking at an outdoor area where heat can easily be dispersed. In this article, we will discuss how BN Thermic, a leader in the field of industrial heating, has been tackling outdoor heating efficiently with their range of halogen heaters. Why halogen heaters are the perfect solution for outdoor areas There are a variety of outdoor heaters that use different technologies, such as convection heating. However, if the area in question is truly in outdoors, this means they are subject to wind and breezes which will negate other types of heating. This is why halogen heating is the best outdoor heating solution to date. Another major advantage of shortwave energy is that it cannot be blown off course by air movement. The heat that shortwave halogen heaters provide is direct, meaning it will instantly have a pleasant impact on the patrons. The same is not true of long-wave (sometimes known as ‘far infrared’) and medium-wave energy. A feature of halogen heaters that is often criticized is the light color output, which is often a noticeable red. Often, in an outdoor setting, this can be a desirable feature, as a red glow can add a cheerful warmth to outdoor gatherings. However, some people view the red light as a distracting and unwelcome addition to their outdoor ambiance. In response, the renowned heating manufacturer BN Thermic introduced its range of Magic Lamps. The Magic Lamps utilise a modern technology that provides the usual heating performance of a traditional shortwave heater but with a barely noticeable glow. So, with BN Thermics’ range of halogen heaters, you are getting: Radiant, instant heat. Increased efficiency and less wasted energy. Easily directable heat (perfect for grateful customers or patrons) A lack of light distraction associated with halogen heaters, if you opt for the Magic Lamp range. A common use of outdoor heating: patio heaters We all had the experience of being in a pub or a bar that’s quite crowded and feeling too stuffy. We want to get some fresh air outdoors, but the weather outside is chilly and uninviting. This is when it is time to turn to the ideal solution for this problem: patio heaters. BN Thermic patio heaters all utilize shortwave (halogen) technology and are suitable for exposed outdoor installation. This means they have high IP (Ingress Protection) ratings and are essentially weatherproof. As they are not susceptible to the temperamental British weather, you can safely install them outdoors all year round. BN Thermic heaters range in power from 1.5kW to 4.5kW and the heaters are available in three different finishes: black, white, and silver. It is advised that patio heaters should be controlled by either time delay switches or movement sensors. These device types will help ensure that only occupied spaces are heated, which reduces wasted energy. We here at Sparks would highly recommend BN Thermics patio heaters to owners of cafes, restaurants or any establishments with outdoor areas. We have written a patio in-depth article on them if you would like further insight into patio heaters. For instance, the IP55 1.5kW Patio Heater in Black is a fantastic option. This model has a range of smart features such as a light intensity that is reduced for lower-height installations. The heater is 100% effective from the moment it is switched on and has an average lamp life span of 7000 hours.Buy BN Thermic Patio Heater Issues to consider when installing outdoor heating or patio heaters Before installing outdoor heating it is a good idea to ask yourself a few questions. How much heat do you actually need? Do you need heat all year round, even when the outside temperature is below freezing? Where will you mount or stand the heater? When selecting a patio heater, you must consider where it will be situated. As a rule, most heaters should only be mounted horizontally, however, there are a few that have been designed to work mounted vertically. BN Thermic heaters have a long-lasting reflector that focuses its heating energy. A benefit of being able to adjust the beam direction is that high-intensity heat can be given at a lower level even when the heater is mounted far from the ground. BN Thermic outdoor heaters offer all the answers - they are highly adjustable, easy to mount, and provide a range of heat outputs, depending on your preference.Full range of BN Thermic Patio Heaters

Tips for Electrical Safety at Home, from Visual Checks to Total Home Safety

As people spend more time indoors, it is essential we use household appliances safely and responsibly, so we always need to be reminded of electrical safety at home. In this article, we’ll inform you how to stay safe when dealing with numerous appliances in different areas of your home. Electrical Safety First (ESF) has a great visual checklist to determine if your home appliances are safe, room by room. They also have a visual checks app which is free to download. Electrical Safety at Home, even Across your Home Sockets and Switches Avoid water coming into contact with any electricity by fitting your sockets and switches far away from the sink. The distance should be at least 30 cm (horizontally). Never touch electrical equipment with wet hands. Appliances such as fridges and washing machines that are fitted under worktops should be controlled via a fuse connection unit. If a socket is likely to supply portable electrical equipment outdoors, then you should protect it with an RCD. ESF explains the importance of installing RCDs in this article. We sell a range of RCDs at Sparks Direct, such as the Masterplug from BG Electrical, which is designed for outdoor usage.Electrical Safety when doing DIY RCDs are also important for DIY fanatics. Electrical accidents caused by DIY are prevalent, with 70 people dying and 350,000 injured every year as a result in the UK. Here we have five major rules for home DIY and electrical safety at home: Locate cables in your wall. Do not drill, nail or screw anything into them. Use an RCD - have one fitted into your fuse box. Shut off your mains power and use battery-powered tools. Check that your power tools - and their leads - are in good condition. If you are unsure about anything, get advice from a registered electrician.Buy RCDs at Sparks Electrical Safety for Downlights Poorly installed downlights are one of the most significant causes of fires in UK homes each year. When replacing downlights follow these golden rules: Ensure you read and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure you double-check you have the correct replacements that do not exceed the maximum allowed voltage. If the lamp holder is damaged, don’t fit the downlight but seek advice from an electrician. More information on downlight safety is available here. Electrical Safety for Portable heaters There are three kinds of commonly used portable heaters. They are halogen heaters, fan heaters and oil radiators. Fan heaters and oil radiators pose more of a fire hazard, which can be caused by children and elderly people accidentally knocking them over. Take these precautions when using portable heaters: Place the heater on a level surface, removed from anything that may knock it over. Ensure the heater is at least a metre away from combustible materials, and do not use it to dry your clothes. Never leave the heater on and unattended for an extended period of time. Never power a heater from an extension lead. These leads can become overloaded and start fires. Inspect your heater for damage. If the heater is in a bad condition do not use it. Buy only from recognized manufacturers and retailers. Register your new portable heater with a manufacturer. This way it is easier to get in contact if a safety notice or recall is required. Electrical Safety First has a free online ‘Product recall checker’ where you can find if your portable heater (or any other item) has been recalled.Buy Safe Portable Heaters Electrical safety in your bedroom If a device such as a tablet or phone is left by on the bedding or under a pillow it can dangerously overheat. When your family are charging their devices, they must: Ensure the device is on a hard surface such as a desk or table. Never charge devices under a pillow or other combustible materials. Turn of all their devices before they go to bed. Not use fake or unbranded chargers. Never place liquids close to electrical appliances. Electrical safety in the bathroom The consequences of electric shocks can be most devastating in the bathroom, as wet skin reduces the body’s resistance. It is essential you follow these rules to avoid an accident. Sockets must be fitted at least three meters from the bath or shower. Enclosed lights are preferable for bathroom usage. Look for lights with IP44+ ratings. A ceiling-mounted pull cord is the safest switch type to use in the bathroom. Any electric and gas heaters in a bathroom should be fixed. Electric showers must be supplied via their own circuit, straight from your fuse box. Never bring a mains-powered portable appliance such as hairdryer, heater or radio into the bathroom. This could prove fatal.Buy Safe Mirror Lights Total home safety ESF have extensive articles such as this one on electrical fires, which includes advice on maintaining everything from portable heaters to tumble dryers and washing machines. You can get professional help via an Electrical Installation Conditions Report (EICR). Registered electricians will check if your appliance is safe to use until the next inspection. Alternatively, they may advise on repair work that needs to be completed. Whether you take the DIY approach or get an electrician in, keeping on top of your overall home electrical safety can be difficult. ESF offers you a fantastic source of guidance, providing comprehensive safety advice for every room and appliance in your house. This article was inspired by numerous articles from the Electrical Safety First site.

Why Infrared Patio Heaters can be better than Gas Patio Heaters this Winter

Long have the British public retreated back to the stuffy confines of their house due to the weather suddenly turning Arctic on them, and who's to blame them - even a hot chocolate can't fight off the -5 degrees chill outside... Well, we here at Sparks may have found a solution in our selection of infrared halogen patio heaters, which will allow you to enjoy clear, beautiful winter skies from your porch. Problems with using a Conventional Gas Patio Heater for your Garden When it comes to gas heaters the reality is that they're incredibly energy inefficient.  A standard 13 kg of natural gas can warm an area of up to 25 square meters for 12 hours but could heat the same area in an enclosed area for 120 hours. The amount of energy uselessly dissipating in outdoor areas is simply staggering and takes its toll on the environment. The reason for this gross inefficiency is to do with convection, the method through which traditional heaters work. They heat the air and surfaces around your body, eventually leading to your body warming up, almost like a chain reaction. The first problem with this is that it takes quite a while for you to feel the benefits of convection heating, and you don't want to be standing round outside freezing your socks off on a cold winter's evening. And this is just the start; the waste of heat with traditional gas heaters is extraordinary. As a Guardian columnist puts it when discussing the pros and cons of outdoor heaters, traditional patio heaters: ‘Kick out the equivalent emissions of a speeding truck, but unlike with vehicles there is nothing filtering or reducing their polluting gases. In 2008, EU ministers even discussed the possibility of outlawing patio heaters when they realized their wasteful nature. There was an argument that if a car were to be left running for a year it would emit three tonnes of carbon dioxide, yet if the same was done with a gas heater it would produce four tonnes. There is also the price consideration to take into account - gas patio heaters can take £1.20 to run, when compared the average running cost of an electric heater - 15 pence per hour. Still, people don't want to hurry home at the end of a fantastic night, at an outdoor bar for instance, because of the cold, but what is the alternative?Buy Patio Heaters at Sparks Why Infrared Patio Heaters are the way forward Infrared-based patio heaters bring all types of advantages to the table, such as in the lack of warming up period you'd get with a gas patio heater. Infrared heaters heat objects and people directly, by creating a solid movement of heat in the body through optimum blood circulation, which generates a feeling of warmth. The lack of warming up time is just one among many reasons that infrared patio heaters are a fantastic way to heat the exterior areas of your home. The costs of infrared heaters are far lower than that of electrical convection heaters. For instance, 600w of the infrared panel would provide the same amount of heating comfort as 1500w convection. The spread of energy is seen to be more 'consistent', meaning that heat is dispersed in a more even way and prevents any annoying 'cold patches'. These are seen with convection heating and often lead to cold air convalescing at the floor level, biting at people's ankles while their upper bodies remain warm. Infrared rays may reduce mould by keeping a relatively even temperature even in an outdoor environment. Health benefits of infrared could include developing immune functionality, detoxing and reducing joint stiffness. Infrared is also seen to be useful in cases with people with health conditions such as asthma or bronchitis. Here is an article outlining what infrared patio heaters are and the best places they can be used. They are associated with outdoor pubs but can be used across all kinds of buildings and establishments, both commercial and domestic. We at Sparks embrace infrared heaters :) For instance, the 1300K Knightsbridge is a joy to behold and use. An IP24 rated outdoor infrared heat, which is particularly environmentally friendly and eco-efficient when compared to gas heaters. With directional fitting, a 50mm pole bracket supplied, and adaptability for pole mounting for added convenience. This patio heater can heat up your garden exterior or porch this Christmas season, as it can be attached to any area where it is most called upon for. On a similar scale, let's not forget about the BN Thermic 1.5kW patio heater (coming in white or black) with an IP rating of IP55, which is convenient for turning on even when it's rainy or wet outside. Just imagine the merriment people will get from enjoying wonderful frosty nights outside, merrily eating and drinking, protected all the while by some innovative Infrared technology.Buy Infrared Heaters Now is the time - invest in smart, energy-saving, cost-saving infrared patio heaters this Christmas!

Patio Heaters: What are they, How do they work, and Where are they used

Patio heaters. We all have seen them and enjoyed the warmth they give out. Recently I was walking by a small restaurant in Central London when a "heat of wave" hit me. It was so pleasant to have warm air come my way, since it can be quite chilly these days. As autumn comes in and we're getting closer to the end of the year, the weather becomes colder and colder. It's time for both businesses, restaurants, cafes, night clubs, and also the homeowners to consider some kind of outdoor patio heating. At Sparks we have a great range of heating solutions, and when it comes to patio heaters we rely on BN Thermic with their patio heaters (in white or black) to give us the warm comfort we need when we sit or do things outside on the patio. Patio Heating from BN Thermic for both Domestic and Commercial Applications The HWP2 range of patio heaters from BN Thermic are a stylish means of providing comfort heat in both indoor and outdoor locations. You can have a professional quality patio heater at home or in a commercial application including pub gardens, pavement cafes, golf driving ranges, and restaurants. And what's best about this is that they are completely safe to install and to leave outdoor all year round! Here are some top reasons to use a patio heater: Provide safe, instant comfort heat in outdoor locations. Ensure the maximum use of outdoor facilities even during a cold weather. Minimal maintenance: especially when compared to gas systems! Low running costs by selecting from a range of control options. Smart modern design to complement the external decor.Buy BN Thermic Patio Heaters Typical Applications of a Patio Heater Here are some of the most typical applications of a patio heater - both in pictures and in words. Patios – both commercial and domestic; whether at home, at the restaurant, at the shops, or at the cafe, we need to stay warm! Pub gardens - why let your customers freeze while eating their lovely dinner at the pub when you can provide a warm environment for them to enjoy their meal? Pavement cafes - the hot tea or coffee is not enough to make your customers warm; try a patio heater! Golf driving ranges - you know where the golf players stand when they practice - why not make sure they are warm when they use the golf driving range? Nightclub queuing areas - having customers complain when queuing up to get into the nightclub or club is awful! Smoking areas - Maybe not all the smoking areas need heating (we need less smoking!) but at least the most popular areas need to be heated up! Tube stations - see the picture above: why not heat up the tube stations or platforms with a patio heater? How does a Patio Heater work?According to BN Thermic, the manufacturer of the popular HWP2 patio heaters, here's how these heaters work: HWP patio heaters use quartz heat lamps to produce shortwave energy. This energy is directed at the required target area by a precision designed parabolic reflector. Shortwave energy moves in straight lines from the reflector to the target area without heating the air in between. However once the energy is absorbed by solid bodies, which could be objects or people, it is experienced as heat. Shortwave energy cannot be blown off course by breezes and draughts making it ideally suited to outdoor use. As HWP patio heaters are 100% effective the instant they are switched on, there is no need to pre-warm an area. For this reason it is a good idea to use control devices that ensure that an occupied area is not heated. Typically these would be time delay switches or movement sensors. See the ‘controls’ tab for full details of the BN Thermic range of patio heater controls. Patio Heating at SparksPatio Heaters - Features and Benefits Ideal for outdoors: the IP55 rating allows the heater to be installed and left outdoors throughout the year. Solid and safe: the construction is of aluminum with a stainless steel safety grille. Long life lamp: High-quality halogen lamp with 7000 hours average operating life. Replacing the lamp: the halogen lamp is easily replaceable. Finishes: choice of black, white or silver finish. Wall or Parasol mounting: Wall mounting bracket and parasol clamp supplied as standard. Heat Efficient: the open fronted design provides a 25% increase in heating efficiency when compared with glass-fronted heaters. Suspension: the convenient rear-mounted lugs facilitate suspension. Easy to control: you can simply use the patio heaters with an existing switch, or you can purchase a push button timer (2mins to 2h setting), a movement sensor (yes, they work with a PIR), or even a dimmer (0-100% heater output - how great is that!). You can safely and securely (and warmly) purchase the HWP2 range of Patio Heaters at Sparks - see the Heating Solutions section.


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