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150mm HeatSava with 430mm duct Ventilation Unit, Intelligent Single Room Heat Recovery Unit Envirovent HSA150/430

Model No. HS150430 by: EnviroVent
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This is the Envirovent heatSava HSA150/430 150mm diameter intelligent single room heat recovery unit coming with a 430mm long duct for through-the-wall mounting. 

The Envirovent HeatSava is an energy efficient mini ventilation unit that goes through the wall, also called a Single Room Heat Recovery Unit (SRHR).  It has been designed for people who are looking for new and innovative ways to save energy. Recovering up to 75% of heat from the air that would normally be lost through extraction, the heatSava reduces carbon emissions, whilst providing continuous all year round ventilation. It is available in 100mm and 150mm for mounting through external walls in WCs, kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms, to either replace existing extract fans or for new installations. 

Envirovent HeatSava HSA150/430 - Features and Benefits

  • Improves indoor air quality: it reduces condensation and mould problems
  • Saves energy costs: the heat exchange cell recovers up to 75% of the heat that would normally be extracted out to atmosphere
  • Easy to clean and maintain: with the help of the innovative plug out/plug in central cartridge
  • Intelligent: heatSava thinks for itself with the intelligent humidity tracking controls, meaning that no user intervention is required
  • Summer mode: stops warm air entering the room on warmer days
  • Frost protection: to prevent the cell from damage during the winter
  • Made in the UK
  • Easy Installation: fits neatly into nearly any wall depth and orientation
  • Warranty: 5 year renewable warranty
  • 150mm HeatSava Single Room Heat Recovery Unit with 430mm duct
  • Airflow: trickle 6.5 l/s, boost 13 l/s
  • Watts: trickle 4.9W, boost 15.5W
  • heatSava 150 with 430mm cell (heat cell)
  • Sound Pressure level dB(A) @ 3m: trickle 24db, boost 36db
  • SFP: trickle 0.42, boost 0.60
  • Dimensions: 200mm body width, 120mm body projection / depth, 370mm height.
  • Duct diameter: 150mm
  • Duct length: 430mm
  • Maximum efficiency: 75%
  • Complete with intelligent humidity tracking control
  • Pull cord: integral for switching on/off
  • Summer mode and Frost protection
How does it work?
The heatSava extracts air from the kitchen or bathroom, which passes over a high efficiency tubular heat exchange cell. The unique design of the cell enables the air to cyclone around the barrel, just like a corkscrew. As it does so, the heat from the extracted air is retained in the cell before it reaches atmosphere.
At the same time, fresh air from outside is supplied through the tubes, collecting up to 75% of the heat from the extracted air before returning it into the room, providing savings on energy costs. The heatSava runs continuously 24 hours a day on a low background trickle rate to provide constant all year round good indoor air quality, controlling humidity levels and reducing condensation.
Innovative Condensate Facility
  • The bi-product of any high efficiency heat exchange cell is condensation. This presents a challenge to design engineers to ensure that any condensate which forms inside the cell is directed outside the property and not inside the product, where it could mix with electronic components or damage decorations inside the room. The unique design of the heatSava allows the heat exchange cell to be completely sealed within the cell casing, providing a totally air tight compartment.
  • Should any condensate form, it would be held within the barrel and drain out directly to atmosphere through the holes located in the cowl at the rear of the unit. The unique configuration of the air movement through the cell means that no condensate can form within the tubes resulting in all year round quiet, high efficient performance.
Intelligent Humidity Tracking Controls and Pull Cord Switch
  • The Intelligent Humidity Tracking Controls: The heatSava has been engineered with intelligent controls to think for itself, meaning that you don't need to press any buttons or light switches to turn it on. When the heatSava senses a rise in humidity, caused by increased moisture generation such as through cooking or showering, the extract and supply airflows will slowly begin to increase in direct proportion to the increase in humidity. It will then automatically track back down again when humidity falls. This controls condensation quietly and efficiently.
  • The Pull Cord Switch: The heatSava comes complete with a pullcord to activate the boost for odour control if required. Pull once to activate the boost and once to deactivate.
  • The heatSava is available in two cell diameters: 100mm for bathrooms and WCs and the 150mm for kitchens, ideal for both refurbishment and new build installations. Fitting neatly into almost any wall depth, the length of the cell is available to suit external wall depths of 330mm, 430mm, 500mm and 600mm.
  • The direct replacement of an existing traditional extract fan can be simply and quickly achieved, whilst the innovative design also allows the unit to be installed flush to uneven walls. It is also high-rise friendly, easily installed from inside the building, without the need for scaffolding.
  • It can be installed in four different positions through 360°, horizontally or vertically to fit into tight spaces or where an existing hole is located just below the ceiling. With its stylish symmetrical design it looks attractive in any position. The heatSava is IPX4 rated and can be installed in Zone 1 with RCD protection. A low voltage version is also available for extra safety.
Warranty: a Renewable 5 Year Warranty: As part of the Lifetime Range, the heatSava comes complete with a five year renewable warranty. All repair and maintenance can be carried out by simply exchanging the worn out components. These would then be brought back to the Harrogate factory to be recycled. The heatSava is designed to match a home's life-cycle and like all other EnviroVent product have been designed in a way that means they should never end up on a landfill site.
Summer Mode and Frost Protection
  • Summer Mode: During warmer days, the heatSava prevents warm air from entering the room and switches to provide extract ventilation only. As the temperature falls it automatically returns to hea
  • Frost protection: The heatSava has an automatic built-in frost protection mechanism to prevent any damage to the heat exchange cell in cold conditions.
Cleaning: Hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. The heatSava can be easily cleaned and serviced completely hassle-free by the resident to maintain efficiency and performance. When the front cover is removed the unit will stop operating to allow the unique plug out/plug in heat exchange cartridge to be removed using the service key provided. The cell can then be simply vacuumed or wiped clean with a cloth.
Technical Features
Airflow trickle 6.5 l/s, boost 13 l/s
Colour white
Construction ABS thermoplastic
Ducting 150mm
IP Rating IPX4
Power trickle 4.9W, boost 15.5W
Sound Output trickle 24db, boost 36db
Specific Fan Power trickle 0.42, boost 0.60
Voltage 240V

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Health Problems caused by Condensation and Top Tips to Avoid its Build-up

When moisture makes contact with a cooler surface, such as a window or wall, the warm air around it is unable to hold the same amount of moisture. This means the water is released onto the colder surface, creating droplets of water - referred to as ‘condensation’. Condensation may also form in areas where airflow is limited, such as behind bedroom furniture or inside wardrobes. Any area that is not open to light and the occasional bit of airing is susceptible to condensation. The main problem associated with condensation is mould, which may start to form on clothes, furniture and walls if the problem is left unchecked. Ventilation specialists such as Envirovent have been working for decades to provide products that prevent these conditions. Condensation - spotting the problem early on With the rise of so-called ‘energy conscious’ housing, many of us have implemented energy-efficient ways to stop heat escaping our homes. These measures include insulation, draft-proofing, double-glazing and the blocking of chimneys - all of which increase the humidity of our indoor air, which leads to condensation. If your home is suffering from condensation you will start to see signs very quickly. Look out for the following: Steaming windows. Wet walls. Damp areas on walls. Wallpaper may be peeling. There may be signs of mould growth (most commonly in unaired spaces). There may be a musty smell on your clothes. Black dots appearing on your window frames. Soft furnishings and fabrics become more prone to mould and mildew. Don’t become complacent when it comes to condensation. Steaming windows are the most obvious sign that you have an underlying problem that needs to be resolved. If you do not react fast enough, you will leave yourself vulnerable to a recurring issue that may have debilitating effects on the residents of your household. Wet windows are the first sign, and will inevitably lead to problems such as damp patches on walls, peeling wallpaper and - worst of all black mould growth. However, it is one of the most common problems that home-owners will have to face, and one which can be tackled if you follow our advice. If you wish to carry out a completely free home survey, provided by Envirovent (a company which was established to provide healthy ventilation through eco-efficient means), then click here to arrange one at your convenience. Damage and health problems posed by condensation Condensation remains arguably the largest cause of dampness in indoor areas, and can eventually lead to the growth of mould. If left unaddressed, condensation can damage property by fraying curtains, peeling wallpaper and creating a generally musty environment. The health problems associated with mould have to be emphasised also, for mould can lead to a litany of ailments. Prolonged exposure to copious levels of indoor dampness can reduce lung function and cause chronic health problems such as asthma. When exposed to mould, those who already suffer from asthma and allergies are more likely to have more severe symptoms.It can lead to other serious medical conditions, such as bronchitis and pneumonia. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a considerable proportion of the world’s 300 million cases of childhood asthma are attributable to exposure to indoor dampness and mould. It is a problem for the entire family, or any group of residents that live in a mould-infested building. Our tips for avoiding the build-up of condensation With careful planning, you will be able to prevent condensation forming in your home - before it becomes a problem. Condensation prevention techniques help ensure that your property remains both damp and mould free. This will save you having to spend more money in the future by continuously removing condensation. Here are our tips: Try to keep your interior temperature reasonably constant. Avoid drying clothes indoors. Do not dry your clothes over any type of radiator. Ensure tumble driers are properly vented or that the condensation build-up is regularly emptied. Keep your furniture a good distance away from your walls. Do not switch off or disable extractor fans for an extended period of time. Ensure your extractor fans are well maintained and offer sufficient airflow. Many of us fall victim to spotting condensation and not thinking it is not a serious problem. We may only open a window to air out the room in response, but sometimes this is simply not enough. Opening a window may exacerbate the problem, as the weather outdoors has more moisture and higher humidity than the inside of your home. If humidity levels reach 50% or above, then this could trigger the worsening of existing allergies and asthma conditions. A great tip for preventing condensation and dangerous humidity levels is to get yourself a dehumidifier. They prevent condensation by providing a continuous source of fresh air into your home. A prime level of ventilation is essential for locations such as the kitchen, or wherever you wash and dry your clothes. Good ventilation is also required in your bathroom to eliminate moisture that is produced by taking a shower or bath. However, there are a few downsides to dehumidifiers. They must be emptied on a regular basis and are only effective in the room where they are placed. They can consume anywhere between 50 to 800 watts in a single day. However, these slight setbacks are worth it, if it means staving off the ultimate enemy - harmful and mouldy living conditions. Envirovent provides environmentally friendly protection from condensation Envirovent has a ventilation system for every kind of house you could imagine. Their system is engineered to be adaptable, so will fit into apartments, bungalows, houses or even large building projects. Envirovent boasts a wide range of ventilation systems and products, many of which you can purchase here, at Sparks. You can rest assured that their tried and tested systems will definitely improve your indoor air quality and have a positive impact on your health and home. They have identified kitchens, bathrooms, ensuites, WCs and utility rooms as the main break-out points for condensation, and devised a whole home solution. Enviroment’s HeatSava range of ventilation devices can deliver fresh, filtered air into your home, gently ventilating the property using a technique called Positive Input Ventilation (PIV). This method dilutes high levels of humidity which cause condensation and harmful household contaminants. This creates a healthy living environment, free from condensation and the associated risks. The great news is that hundreds of thousands of households across the UK have already have a condensation control unit or other ventilation product installed. If you haven’t yet, we here at Sparks fully recommend you look into Envirovent’s range of ventilation solutions. They are modern, eco-friendly and will keep you safe from dangers posed by condensation.


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