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3-15kW Mattira Electric Combi Boiler Wall Mounted for Central Heating and Hot Water, Digital Modulating MAC15

Model No. MAC15
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This is the ELNUR MAC15, a 3-15kW Mattira Electric Combi Boiler (ideal for Central Heating & Domestic Hot Water) for wall mounting; it is a Digital Modulating Electric Boiler, for heating and domestic hot water. 

Please note: this item is on a special order, and it is non-returnable - it cannot be returned for a refund.

Digital Modulating Electric Boiler, for heating and domestic hot water - Features

  • Heating boiler made of insulated steel.
  • Modulating electronic control of the heater by SEM system (Smart Electronic Modulating system).
  • 50L DHW tank made of insulated stainless steel, CFC free. 
  • Stainless steel shielded elements - INCOLOY800 for heating and DHW.
  • 6L heating expansion vessel.
  • 2L DHW expansion vessel.
  • Modulating electronic control of the heater
  • Pressure gauge 0-4bar.
  • Circulating pump.
  • Auto air vent.
  • Silent TRIAC power switches.
  • Auto Heating Regulation mode.
  • Heating flow detector.
  • Heating temperature limiter 100°C.
  • DHW temperature limiter 80°C.
  • Heating 3 bar relief valve
  • DHW 7 bar relief valve.
  • Also suitable for use with under floor heating.
  • DHW anti-electrolysis hoses
  • Powder coated RAL 9010.
  • Wall bracket steel template to set up connections easily.
  • Compatible with Ambient Thermostats TA4D, CTP10, X3D and the Elnur Connected range of internet thermostats, all available as accessories
  • Heat: selectable Output from 3 - 15kw
  • 50L DHW Tank with 3L Expansion
  • 6L heating Expansion Vessel
  • 100°C Heating Temperature Limiter
  • 80°C DHW Temperature Limit
  • Compatible with the Elnur Connected
  • Internet thermostat range
  • Voltage: 3x400 V+N / 220-240
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Insulation: Class I electrical rated
  • Net Weight: 61kg
  • 11-14 litres/minute Flow rate
  • Maintenance Free
  • Highly Efficient
  • Safe and Clean
  • No flues
  • Easy Installation
  • Silent Operation

Mattira Wall Mounted Electric Combi Boiler - Technical 

  • Each boiler suitable for single or 3-phase supplies
  • 3-12kw range rated on single phase supplies
  • 3-15kw range rated on 3-phase supplies
  • Smart Electronic Modulation System to regulate energy consumption according to the exact heating needs at all times (external room stat required)
  • Digital modulating which, equates to less energy waste
  • Ideal for single bathroom properties
  • Up to 12 litres per minute flow rate
  • Integral 50ltr store of water with user adjustable temperature regulation to provide "instant" hot water
  • Silent TRIAC power switches
  • S/Steel shielded, Incoloy800 elements for high temperature strength & resistance to corrosion
  • Integral expansion vessels, pump & AAV
  • Digital display with user adjustable controls and key lock facility
  • Dimensions: 830mm x 555mm x 450mm
  • The package contains: Wall bracket with template, Boiler, Documentation, and Bags with parts and fittings
  • The boiler has an electric protection rating of IP20/IP2X.
  • Clearances: 75mm above the boiler, 10mm to the left and right of the boiler, and 200mm underneath the boiler. 
  • When installing, a minimum of 200mm clearance must be maintained underneath the boiler to allow replacement of the heating elements if required. A minimum of 500 mm clearance must be maintained in front of the boiler to enable easy access for servicing.

Space Heating - Information

  • Kw range: 2-15Kw
  • Rated heat output: 15kW
  • Power output: 14,812kW 
  • Seasonal space heating energy efficiency: 36.4%
  • Useful efficiency at rated heat output and high-temperature regime: 39,5 %
  • Auxiliary electricity consumption in standby mode: 0,003 kW
  • Standby heat loss: 0,07 kW
  • Sound power level, indoors: 36 dB
  • Seasonal space heating energy efficiency class: D

Water Heating: 

  • Declared load profile: L
  • Daily energy consumption: 13,01 kWh/día
  • Annual electricity consumption: 2733 kWh
  • Water heating energy efficiency: 37,5 %
  • Water heating energy efficiency class: C

Dimensions and connections:

  • A - Safety valve drain DHW
  • B - Electrical connection
  • C - Cold water input 1/2"
  • D - DHW outlet 1/2"
  • E - Heating return 3/4”
  • F - Heating flow 3/4"

Auxiliary / extra:

  • ECGWAY - Elnur Connected Gateway Hub (for connection to wifi)
  • ECPRSTAT - Elnur Connected Wireless Programmable Room Stat
  • ECRSTAT - Elnur Connected Wireless Room Stat
  • ECAR - Elnur Connected Appliance Receiver (for hard-wiring)

Elnur Connected for Mattira Boilers - Features

  • Elnur Connected is the perfect control system for your new Mattira boiler. Easy to install and set up, the Elnur Connected boiler control system can be operated in the home or from wherever you are by using the purpose designed App on your Smartphone or Tablet.
  • This SmartLife Technology is the perfect solution for ultimate home heating efficiency and an ideal choice for houses, apartments, holiday homes and weekend cottages as well as offices, commercial properties and public meeting / community halls.
  • All Mattira electric boilers can be limited to any output between 3 and 12 kW on single phase supplies and up to 15 kW on threephase supplies. 
  • Heating Modulation: The advanced control board on the boiler will automatically modulate the heating output to the demand required to save energy. This modulating feature of GABARRÓN electric boilers is managed by a Smart Electronic Modulating system (SEM system) which recalculates every 20 seconds in order to regulate the consumption depending on the real heat demand. It applies TRIAC technology combined with an external chrono-thermostat to continuously adapt the heating capacity to the heating needs of the premises, thus achieving 100% energy efficiency and overall savings in energy costs.
  • Auto Heating Regulation: Additionally, it is possible to regulate the temperature at which the boiler drives the water heating circuit depending on the outdoor temperature. This method of regulation provides maximum comfort as it anticipates changes in the thermal needs of the house. The room thermostat continues to regulate the temperature inside the house. The connection of an external temperature sensor is required to activate this mode.
  • Easy Installation: Gabarron Mattira electric boilers come fitted with all the components required to operate the unit, including a template for ease of installation. Installation is quick and easy and can usually be completed in a single day. 
  • 5 Years Guarantee: Your new Gabarron Mattira electric boiler from Elnur is warranted against faulty materials and manufacture defects. This warranty will give you total peace of mind and protection. Full terms and conditions of the warranty are detailed in the manual supplied with the boiler which can also be downloaded from our website - The internal unvented hot water cylinder is warranted against faulty materials and manufacture defects for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. The remainder of components are warranted against faulty materials and manufacture defects for a period of 2 years.
  • Compatible with Underfloor Heating: The entire range of GABARRÓN boilers can be used with hot water radiators or with radiant floor or overhead heating. In addition, Mattira boilers can be installed in combination with other heating systems such as thermal solar panels, heat pumps, etc...

Mattira Combi Boilers - Extra Features

  • Legionella Protection: The new Mattira Combi Boilers include our “Legionella Protection” system. If this function is activated, the DHW temperature is raised once a week to the maximum allowed, preventing Legionella growth through water temperature control.
  • Frost Protection Mode: It is possible to select an anti-freeze mode for frost protection during periods of inactivity. By selecting the frost protection mode, the heating system will activate automatically if the boiler temperature falls under 8ºC.
  • Digital Display: Mattira boasts an intuitive and user friendly digital display. The digital display constantly shows the temperature of the circulating heating water and of the domestic hot water tank (DHW) in combi boilers. Heating and DHW are independent modules, this means that we can turn off the heating and only keep the DHW or vice versa. In both displays the keyboard lock can be activated to avoid changes being made. 
  • Building Regulations G3 compliant: The Mattira Combi boiler incorporates a 50 litre unvented hot water store to optimise hot water performance. As such, careful consideration to the boiler design has been taken to ensure that the Mattira Combi Boiler incorporates all components and operates in full compliance with G3 of the Building Regulations
  • Erp Compliant: The objective is to reduce adverse and greenhouse gas emissions to limit the environmental impacts throughout the life-cycle of a product, with emphasis placed on the design and development stages of a product with a view to improving its energy efficiency.

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