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Illuma Conceal in Selfridges Oxford Street and in Vision Express, concealed lighting

  2010-01-28         admin         Product News » Designer Lighting News
We really don't do justice to these nice - actually, AMAZING - pictures of the Illuma Conceal applications. In a previous article we were presenting some pictures with the application of the Illuma Concealed LED Striplights in a sushi bar, in hotel rooms, and in shops(display lighting). Of course, the resolution and the quality of these images is much higher in original, but that's the best we could do here on the blog. Below we are presenting another compilation of pictures of the application of Illuma Conceal in Selfriges (Oxford Street) and in Display Lighting (in shops like Vision Express). We apologize for the not-so-high quality of the pictures, but we hope you "get the point" - the Illuma Conceal can be used as a concealed LED striplights to discreetly highlight something, shedding a nice yet concealed light on display shelves, etc. See for yourself, and discover / invent /experiment for yourself what are the multiple uses of the Illuma Conceal LED Strips!

Illuma Conceal LED Striplights in Supermarkets / Malls / Selfriges

Illuma Conceal Applications - Display Lighting and Undershelf light(in Vision Express)

Just as we said in the beginning - the application of the Illuma Conceal Strip Lights is limited only by your imagination. From hotels to the restaurants, from pubs to clean eye-specialists stores, from display lighting to museums, from galleries to small stores that need to highlight some aspects/objects/items - you name it, you try it, and you'll see that it's the best idea! The Illuma Conceal system composition can be seen is online here, and you can buy the Illuma Conceal system!