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Illuma Conceal, low voltage LED striplights, concealed LED lighting solutions, IllumaLED

  2009-12-16         admin         Product News » Lighting News
The Illuma Conceal - indoor LED striplights, concealed lighting - is a low profile LED system which connects to make up continuous runs. These concealed LED striplights are ideal for feature lighting in retail and leisure interiors and for incorporation into bespoke furniture. Read more below about the IllumaLED features, the materials used, the components of the LED striplights, and some applications of this amazing LED striplight system from Illuma.

Illuma Conceal LED Striplights - Features

  • High output LEDs >= 70lm/W;
  • Neutral White version Ra80;
  • Warm White version Ra95;
  • Ideal for feature lighting in retail and leisure interiors and for incorporation into bespoke furniture;
  • 300mm modules that can either connect end to end or make an arc using the Flexible connector;
  • Clear and Frosted versions available;
  • Diecast Aluminium heat sink for long LED life;
  • Guaranteed for 5 years;
  • Ease of installation: Easily fixed in position with two screws or double sided tape;
  • Lamp description: High output LED available in Neutral White (NW) 6500K or Warm White (WW) 3200K.
  • Illuma LED strip - Technical Data: - IP Rating: IP20 rated; - Weight: 0.09kg; - Input Voltage: 24V DC; - Dimming: Not Suitable for Dimming.

Materials used in the Illuma LED strips - Illuma Conceal

  • Body: Extruded Aluminium;
  • Lens: Injection Moulded Polycarbonate;
  • Finish (Body): Anodized Aluminium(AL);
  • Finish(End & Connectors): Grey(GY);
  • Ends & Connectors: Injection Moulded PVC.

Illuma Conceal LED Striplights - Concealed LED Lighting - The System

This system of low voltage LED lights - striplights - is composed of the LED striplight, the transformer, and the available accessories. More specifically: For straight runs: Direct connection for straight runs; for corners & curves: the flexible connectors are used.

Illuma Conceal - Applications of the LED striplights from Illuma

Buy online concealed lighting solutions - now from Illuma also - the Illuma Conceal striplights, IllumaLED light strips. Another concealed lighting system found on our website is the X-Flex Xenon lighting system.