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Introducing the CP Electronics Green-I dimmer switches, excellent energy saving controls

  2010-10-27         admin         Product News » Switches and Sockets News
Have you ever walked into the bedroom / the living room, turn on the light, took care of the things you needed to do, and then left the room - forgetting about turning off the light? "Turn of the lights when you finish/get out of a room!" is the most common advice parents gave us and we still give to our children... well, CP Electronics worked on some amazing solutions that will just do that for you - the green-i presence/absence detection switches and the dimmer green-i switches are here to help! Besides this, the range of Green-I includes: the Green-I Single Dimmer with Presence Detection, Single Dimmer, the Green-I Presence Detection Switch, the Green-I Time Delay Switch, the Green-I Double Dimmer with Presence Detection, the Green-I Double Dimmer, etc. Please find below their brief introduction to this range, which will soon be available on our website as an Energy Management Solution and also via the Switches and Sockets.

The CP Electronics green-i range of switches are a stylish way to introduce energy saving controls into the home. Each switch blends a great design and a user-friendly technology in order to keep household running costs to a minimum, with the added bonus of reducing your home’s carbon footprint. It is safe to say that adding a dimmer or a presence detector to control the lighting in a home will save energy and therefore save money. So don’t go to all the expense of changing bulbs or buying expensive equipment when you can just install the green-i switches to control the light fittings you already have!

The CP Electronics Green-I switches have been designed specifically to provide a stylish as well as a functional energy saving control. Each green-i comes complete with a white, low profile faceplate. This has the benefit of concealing unsightly fixing screws. Additional faceplates, finished in brushed stainless steel and brushed bronze effects are also available separately – so that the matching of the CP Electronics Green-I dimmer switches with your room’s decor would be easy. The green LED ring in the centre helps you to locate the switch in the dark, and its brightness can also be adjusted to suit the ambience of a room.

The CP Electronics Green-i switches, dimmer switches, and presence/absence switches have numerous features to facilitate domestic use. Some of the features and benefits on specific green-i models include remote control to select certain scenes for mood lighting, security modes to cover for being on holiday, and night light modes for comfort and re-assurance. All the green-i switches are ‘no neutral’ products and do not require neutral connections, therefore they can quickly replace an existing light switch with no additional wiring.

For more information about the CP Electronics Green-I dimmer switches, check out their presentation page, and keep an eye on the Switches and Sockets / Energy Management Solutions sections on our website.