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Introducing the Danlers Soft Start Dimmer DSS1D 630W: the functions, features, and the wiring diagrams

  2010-07-23         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
The Danlers Soft Start dimmers - and specifically the Danlers DSS1D 630W Soft Start Dimmer - can be used to dim lights from several locations. They are suitable for dimming resistive lamps, dimmable transformer low voltage lamps, most directly dimmable compact fluorescent loads and directly dimmable LED lamps. This dimmer is an excellent energy saving solution for home or office - reduce the energy consumption at home / at work by dimming the lights!

The Danlers Soft Start Dimmers Functions

  • Slim buttons give an easy press action.
  • Holding the button down dims or brightens the light to any level.
  • A quick press switches off. Another press returns the lamp softly to its previous brightness.
  • These Danlers soft start dimmers can also be used to control the speed of fans and motors

Danlers Soft Start Dimmers Special Features

  • These Danlers dimmers are suitable for mains halogen (e.g. GU10) lamps without the need for derating. Note: The mains halogen lamps must have an integral thermal safety fuse.
  • The soft start feature prolongs the lamp life.
  • Multi-way switching and dimming can be achieved from any position only by using the complementary DANLERS slave switches.
  • The grid module versions fit any position on the appropriate grid or plate system.
  • The Danlers Soft Start dimmers automatically switch off in the event of transformer malfunction, helping to protect the dimmer and the transformer.

Danlers Soft Start Dimmer DSS1D 630W Technical Specs

  • Number of gangs: 1 gang dimmer;
  • Min. and max. wattage Resistive, mains halogen or dimmable electronic transformer inductive: 60 - 630W;
  • Min. and max. wattages. Dimmable wire wound or toroidal transformer inductive: 60 - 400W;
  • Maximum number of transformers: 8 transformers max;
  • Dimensions: 86m x 86mm x 12mm;
  • Wall box depth: 35mm.

The Danlers Soft Start Dimmer DSS1D 630W Wiring diagrams

Left: 1-way switching and dimming; Multi-way switching and dimming (lights can be switched and dimmed from any position) Right: Example of an existing 2-way circuit; Replace the 2-way switches with a Soft start dimmer and a Slave, as shown

To purchase the Danlers DSS1D 630W soft start dimmer, please visit the Dimming Systems section, Other Dimmers and Dimming Systems, and choose the Danlers DSS1D630W.